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Auditions for "Merrily We Roll Along"

Award: A part in the musical

Deadline: 10/24/2017

Disciplines: Dance, Music, Theatre

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Lakeland Civic Theatre

The Roles:
Ranges are approximate
Frank: Mid to late 30’s. Male. Piano playing experience is a bonus. Range: A2 –Bb4.
Charlie: Mid to late 30’s. Male. Range: A#2- G#4.
Mary: Mid to late 30’s. Female. Range: G3-Gb5.
Beth: Mid to late 30’s. Female. Range: A3-G5.
Joe: Mid to late 40’s. Male. Range: A2-F#4.
Gussie: Early 30’s. Female. Range: G3-C5.
Frank Jr: 11-13 years. Male.

The ENSEMBLE: 6-8 individuals (male and female evenly divided) that will play a multitude of characters and will have much to sing. Each ensemble member needs the vocal stamina and acting strength of the lead roles. Every ensemble member has multiple featured moments. Mid 20’s to mid-40’s. This is not a chopped liver ensemble.

Production dates, rehearsal dates and additional information:
Merrily We Roll Along will open on Friday, February 2, 2018 and run through February 18, 2018. There will be nine (9) shows; that is three (3) weeks of performances.

There will also be two presentations at NIGHTTOWN (in Cleveland Heights) on Monday, January 8 and Monday, January 23. DECONSTRUCTING MERRILY is an evening of discussion and song centered around the triumphs and the failures of this unique Sondheim piece. The roles of Frank, Mary, Charlie and Beth will be required to attend, but others may be asked to participate. You will be poorly compensated for this work.

REHEARSALS WILL BEGIN IN EARLY NOVEMBER: Due to the musical demands of this piece, early rehearsals are imperative. A detailed schedule for calls will be assigned according to availability. This music rehearsal time will address company moments but will mainly focus on detailed featured moments. These rehearsals may take place at a more central location with details to follow.
November 3: 7-10:30pm
November 4: 12noon- 4pm
November 13: 7-10:30pm
November 20: 7-10:30pm
December 4: 7-10:30pm
December 11: 7-10:30pm
December 18: 7-10:30pm

THE NIGHTLY REHEARSAL SCHEDULE WILL BEGIN ON JANUARY 2nd @ LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Rehearsals will run nightly. YOU WILL ONLY BE CALLED WHEN YOU ARE NEEDED. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be available. Week nights, 7-10:30p, Saturdays 11am-4pm and Sundays 1-7pm.
PARKING FOR AUDITIONS: For primary auditions you may park in the Faculty/Staff parking lot after 7pm, when the gate is open to the public. If you want to come earlier, or if you are bringing a young man for auditions, you can park in the student parking which is free. Auditions are being held in Building D which is the PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (PAC).

For more information please feel free to contact Martin Friedman at or at 216/233-5441. Please also feel free to contact Jordan Cooper at