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Auditions for "The Philadelphia Story"

Award: A part in the play

Deadline: 10/23/2017

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Theatre

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

The Lord family of Philadelphia is getting ready for a wedding. A merry mix-up of who is who at the house is just the beginning as reporters try to get the story and our bride tries to find her way to a normal life and we get to find out who she eventually walks down the aisle with.


Tracy Lord - strong-willed, opinionated socialite who holds others to high standards (age 20 - 30"s)

Dinah Lord - Tracy's younger sister. Age 13 going on 30 with a flair for the dramatics

Margaret Lord - Tracy's mother. Caught between her daughter, her husband and planning a wedding (age upper 40's to 50's)

Sandy Lord - Tracy's older brother. Level headed businessman and new father but loves a good story(30's)

Uncle Willie - Wicked, fun, dirty old man who knows a lot about nothing (age 50 - 60's)

Seth Lord - Tracy's father. Equally as head strong, no nonsense businessman with his own skeletons(age 50's)

CK Dexter Haven - Tracy's first husband. Confident, smart, suave and distinguished (age 30's - 40's)

George Kittredge - Tracy's fiance. Loyal all around good guy but has his limits(age 30's - 40's)

Macauley "Mike" Connor - Reporter/Writer. Intellectual wit with middle class grit(age 30's - 40's)

Elizabeth Imbrie - Photographer. Strong, independent woman with a witty comebacks to match(age 20's - 30's)

Thomas - the Lord's butler. Knows all and sees all(age 50 - 70's)