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None Too Fragile Season Auditions

Award: A part in the season

Deadline: 11/19/2017

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Theatre

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: None Too Fragile Theater

What: AUDITIONS for their 2018 Season
When: Saturday, November 18th 3pm - 8pm
Sunday, November 19th 3pm - 8pm
Call Backs (*if needed*) Tuesday, November 21st 6pm - 10pm
Where: 1840 Merriman Rd. Akron, Ohio 44313 (Enter through Pub Bricco)
How: Please RSVP to for either Saturday or Sunday, arrive as early as possible. Sides will be available for cold reads at 2pm on each of those days. You will be seen in order of your arrival. Attentively, call backs will be on 11/21.
Needed: Your RSVP to, headshot & resume
Details: AEA contracts are available/ All non-union roles receive $500 stipend

Shows & Roles being cast:

Boy by Anna Ziegler
(Performance Dates Feb 2nd - 17th) (Rehearsal begins Jan. 1st, 2018)
Inspired by a true story, Anna Ziegler’s BOY explores the tricky terrain of finding love amidst the confusion of sexual identity, and the inextricable bond between a doctor and patient. In the 1960s, a well-intentioned doctor convinces the parents of a male infant to raise their son as a girl after a terrible accident. Two decades later, the repercussions of that choice continue to unfold.
“Captivating…insightful, gut-wrenching, and beautiful…dazzlingly, deliciously alive from start to finish…expect it to be a long while before there’s another play more rewarding, more moving, and more magical than Boy.” —

(All roles Any Ethnicity)
Adam Turner: early/mid 20’s - Male
Dr. Wendell Barnes: 40’s-60’s - Male
Jenney Lafferty: 20’s - Female
Trudy Turner: 40’s-50’s - Female
Doug Turner: - 40’s-50’s - Female

The Late Henry Moss by Sam Shepard
(Performance Dates March 16th - 31st) (Rehearsl begins Feb. 18th)
Two antagonistic brothers are brought together after their father is found dead in his seedy New Mexico home. The story of their father's last days unfolds in flashbacks.
"…sparks of theatrical magic light up the dim landscape of THE LATE HENRY MOSS…[Shepard's] singular gift has been for building mysteries out of the ordinary ingredients of American family life…" —NY Times.

Ray: 30’s-40’s - White Male
Earl: 40’s-50 - White Male
Esteban: 40’s-60s - Hispanic Male
Conchala: 20’s-40s -Hispanic Female
Henry: 60’s-80’s -White Male
Taxi: Already Cast - Brian Armour
Man: 20’s-40’s - Any Ethnicity
Man: 20’s-40’s - Any Ethnicity

White Guy on the Bus by Bruce Graham

(Performance Dates May 11th - 26th) (Rehearsal begins April, 2nd)
Week after week, a wealthy white businessman rides the same bus, befriending a single black mom. Ads they get to know one another, their pasts unfold and tensions rise, igniting a disturbing and crucial exploration of race.
“A play with guts…this unusually frank drama has been gnawing away at me these last 24 hours…I see so many plays that want to blurt out some of the things that these characters say but don’t have the nerve. This one goes for the jugular.” —Chicago Tribune.

Shatique: 25-35 - Black Female
Ray: 50’s - White Male
Roz: 50’s -White Female
Christopher: 20’s - White Male
Molly: 20’s -White Female

Bloomsday by Steven Dietz
(Performance Dates August 17th - Sept. 1st) (Rehearsal begins July 16th)
Dancing backwards through time, in Dublin, an older couple retraces their steps to discover their younger selves. This Irish time-travel love story blends wit, humor, and heartache into a buoyant, moving appeal for making the most of the present before it is past.
“BLOOMSDAY is filled with sweet charm…Dietz’s convention of mixing the past with the present…works beautifully and when mixed with his signature rich characters makes for a wonderfully engaging time…there’s an honest and sobering realism to the piece that takes this beyond a simple romantic comedy and places it in the realm of a tragic love story…BLOOMSDAY gives us a funny, touching and stark look at what it is to be in love no matter what stage of life you’re in.” —

Robert: 55 -White Male
Cait: Already Cast - *Derdriu Ring
Robbie: 20 - White Male-
Caithleen: 20 -White Female - (Irish Accent)

(*Actors' Equity Assoc. Member)

Freak Storm by Matt Pelfrey
(Performance Dates Sept. 28th - Oct. 13th) (Rehearsal begins August 28th)
On a rainy night in Los Angeles, a young couple get an abrupt visit from two old friends. But they’re not stopping by for pleasure, but to warn them that someone, or something, from their past is coming for them all...
“David Lynch, Amy Tan and The Man Show collide in FREAK STORM…. Matt Pelfrey’s play about the inscrutability of those we love juggles macabre comedy, relationship drama and political incorrectness…” - Los Angeles Times “In the skilled hands of playwright Pelfrey, this is a classic, dramatic moral dilemma that goes...right to the guts...with primal force and power...” - Backstage West

Ian: 25-35 - Male
Gil: 25-35 - Male
Adam: 25-35 - Male
Lynn: 25-35 - Female
Girl: 25-35 - non-speaking role
(All roles Any Ethnicity)

Boogieban by D.C. Fidler
(Performance Dates Nov. 16th - Dec. 1st) (Rehearsal begins Oct. 14th)
The story of Lawrence Caplan, a Vietnam War veteran now working as a military psychiatrist. Before retiring, Caplan must assess one last soldier. This young specialist stubbornly insists that he is "good to go" back to his unit in Afghanistan. Caplan soon discovers, however, the soldier is tortured by nightmares and flashbacks. The young soldier's stories have an unexpected effect, lifting Caplan's amnesia for events in Vietnam. Together, the two men launch on parallel journeys of the heart that will change them forever.
Lt. Lawrence Caplan: Already cast - *David Peacock
Jason: Male - 25-35 - Male - Any Ethnicity

(Actors' Equity Assoc. Member)