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Request for Proposals | Test Flight, new play development program, CPT

Award: Total estimated per project investment of $8,500

Deadline: 06/12/2017

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Guidelines: Test-Flight-Local-Request-for-Proposals-2017.docx 53.03 kB

Disciplines: Theatre

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Cleveland Public Theatre

Based on CPT's success with our Big Box series, Test Flight offers opportunities to artists who are interested in co-producing works with us. Test Flight is a multi-week series where artists are given the keys to the theatre to develop their projects to a workshop level. In addition to serving local artists, Test Flight will also be open to national and international artists who wish to come to Cleveland to develop their pieces. Feedback for this series will be specific to each project, developed by the artist and vetted/approved by CPT.

Test Flight offers artists or groups the opportunity to produce workshop productions of theatre, dance, performance art, music or genre defying performances. We open the doors and support artists experimenting, charting their own course, making their own decisions and taking their own risks.

See the Guidelines link and document above for full details and submission information.