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Fitness and Dance Classes

Fitness and Dance Classes

Dec 28, 2016
Location: 1450 Bagley Rd. Berea, 44017
Categories: Community
Fitness, strength training, endurance and flexibility are incorporated into the ages 14 through Adult classes. All classes focus on Musical Theater, Ballet, Jazz, and contemporary movement fundamentals including foot progressions stretches, stability and core strengthening work. We follow ABT curriculum at the barre.From plies to grande battlements, barre work helps to achieve a dancer's highest potential and quality of movement with each step performed in other genres of dance. We incorporate classic Jazz technique including turns, leaps, jumps, traveling and choreographic phrases. Choreography brings it together with an actual dance, helping the dancer to explore movement as it relates to telling the story and entertaining the audience.
*Showcase for parents and friends last half of each 8 week session!
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Fitness & Dance Combo Class w/ Jim BeckerWinter Session...Sundays – 8 weeks from 1/8/17 through 2/26/17Time: 12:00-1:00  Ages: 14 -Adult
Musical Theatre Dance Combo Class w/ Jim BeckerWinter Session ...Sundays – 8 weeks from 1/8/17 through 2/26/17Time: 1:00-2:00  Ages: 8-13