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Since 1984, traveling theatre troupe, Improbable Players, has been igniting conversations around addiction and alcoholism through performance and student workshops by actors in recovery. We were excited to learn that this Boston-based theater company will be starting a new Cleveland chapter in 2019. Shortly after moving back to Ohio from Boston, theater artist, Karen Snyder, knew Cleveland was a prime candidate for this work. “Improbable Players ties in performance and recovery, which is where my heart lies. It was clear the opioid epidemic was hitting Ohio hard, so I knew we needed to bring this work here,” says Snyder. 

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01/17/19 Entry Point 2019

01/17/19 OAC presents Make Your Marketing More Accessible

01/18/19 Les Délices Leuven Songbook

12/15/18 Teacher Training Workshops

12/20/18 Staging Success Career Fair

01/04/19 Creative Connections (TM)

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