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The tragic loss of Cleveland arts journalist, advocate and ally, Nikki Delamotte, has reverberated through the city and arts community this week like a painful shock wave. Nikki leaves behind a long list of artists in Cleveland whose lives she has touched, but we know her memory will persist through the wealth of literary pieces she crafted with passion and love for those whose stories she told. Today we celebrate Nikki’s kind, sweet spirit, her talents and her work to elevate arts and culture in this city. Attend tonight’s candlelight vigil in her honor or visit Artefino café in Tower Press, hosting Coffee for Nikki. 100% of their coffee sales will be donated to her GoFundMe page. A memorial fundraiser will be held on Friday, Nov. 16, as well, with a massive amount of donated works from local artists available for raffle.

A blog in CAN Journal, by long-time friend of Nikki’s, Brittany M. Hudak, and Scene article, allows us to see why she was such a Cleveland gem. The blog includes a memorial poem written by Julie Ezelle Patton. You can share your stories about Nikki at

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