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Artists and creative workers are at the core of the creative industries and a significant part of the gig economy. They do not benefit from paid sick leave and other forms of paid time off. Cancelled gigs mean no pay, and with little safety net, that puts our creatives at risk. View resources for artists and arts professionals.

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Artist Spotlight

For Annee Matko, creating and playing music isn’t simply an enjoyable pastime, it’s truly a part of her identity, a means of communication, a path on which she navigates life. You can hear this ring true in her soulful voice, whether it’s an original piece, an interpretation of another artist’s work or a melody in her place of worship. “Oftentimes we struggle through the same heartache and difficulties in life and hearing a song or lyrics from an artist that you relate to, can make you feel a part of something greater and give you hope and reassurance that you're not alone,” she says.

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Upcoming Events

12/11/21 Winter Workshop + Company Auditions

01/06/22 GroundWorks' 3rd Annual Winter Intensive Returns

01/15/22 Odyssey Workshop: Exploring the Language of Film

01/05/21 Read Like a Writer: Short Fiction

01/09/21 Reader Series: A Year of James Baldwin

04/19/21 FREE Music Lessons and Instruments for Youth

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When do you come up with the best ideas?

Reinberger Auditorium
Buying property can be a tough process if you don’t know where to get started. That’s why we partnered with Northeast Shores, ArtHome and Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland to launch a new Homeowner Handbook to get you on your way.
Money Museum - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Structuring the best plan for managing your finances as an artist or creative professional may seem daunting. This guide contains a general overview of some accounting principles and financial practices.
How do you budget for what you need and then build a strategy to seek the funding required to complete your work? In this section we will discuss some “tried and true” and “known and new” ways that artists can find the funds they need to make it all happen.
The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute
Use your creative skills in new contexts. See opportunities in the challenge. Solve problems and change the game. AEI considers your "business" a means for you to keep creating and sharing your work - earning a living as you do so.