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Session 3: Art as a Product


How do you define a product when the the "product" is an expression of self?

Art and creative services are difficult to consider as products. If you are invested in sustaining yourself through your art form, consider using this business vocabulary and applying it to your work. To make a profit (or ends meat) your work must be something that either consumers, funders or patrons want to pay for. How much? Well, pricing is discussed as it relates to your goals and the value the end user places on you and your work. Use this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some legal systems as well. Gain a basic understanding of systems in place that can help protect your artistic product and intellectual property.

3.1 Defining Your Products and Services

Is it possible for creative practice to be considered a product or service? This will forever be a question in the art world. While you may chose not to use the terms we've outlined here, take a moment to consider your portfolio and who may be interested in the varying aspects of your work.

3.2 What To Do With Feedback

Taking in criticism can be a bitter pill, but it can also lead to some amazing results if harnessed in the right environment and with the right vision.

3.3 Pricing Your Art

There is no magic formula. Pricing is a strategy.

3.4 Copyrights and Fair Use

Whether you are repurposing material of others or you want to protect your own work, basic knowledge of copyright and intellectual property laws are essential for every creative professional.

3.5 Distribution Outlets

Where are you presenting your work? Are you in the right places?