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3.2 What To Do With Feedback

Everyone's a Critic

Valuable feedback can come from everywhere. It doesn't have be contained behind closed doors, in a critique room or during practice and rehearsals. While every artist maintains a clear voice in their creative practice, good business is centered around the buyer. Making a sale may require some modifications around the work you are selling, but this does not mean compromising artistic integrity. Learn how this group built market feedback into their exhibition space. The group transformed a traditional model by unpacking preconceptions of what a gallery should be. They not only provide real opportunities for participation, but embraced the feedback they were receiving without lowering their standards of excellence in the collections they were presenting.


How Visitors Changed Our Museum from ArtsFwd on Vimeo.

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In either your products and services or operations section of your business plan, build in at least one strategy to help you adapt to feedback with clear intent and focus.


Evaluate Your Performance

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