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Session 4: Marketing


Position yourself to effectively and appropriately communicate your artistic practice, build a lasting brand and sell your art, performances, screenings or writing. 

4.1 Intro to Marketing Plans

With constant changes in technology, markets, and your own art form, why should you try to anticipate what you are going to do next? Whether it's just you or you have help, keeping an updated plan for reaching new audiences will help you stay on track rather than chasing audiences that don't fit.

4.2 Brand - Communicating Who You Are

Build a valuable brand by branding what is valuable about you.

4.3 Marketing for Artists

Marketing can be a little different when it's just you, and your art is speaking for itself. Learn from one artist and think through some realistic strategies for a cohesive, effective and affordable marketing campaign.

4.4 Using Storytelling to Sell