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4.2 Brand - Communicating Who You Are

A “brand” is essentially a promise. It is a “pledge” of some sorts, whether that is to provide a high quality product, the lowest possible price, or the quickest possible service (or all of the above). It is the essence of a product or service delivery, including why it is great, and how it is better than all competing products.

Read This Handout Before Moving On 

AEI-Branding Handout

Branding - Communicating Who You Are



Write down three elements of your brand image that you would like to develop and make more visible to customers and potential customers (e.g. the work you create, your packaging, your website, etc. If you don't have packaging, consider things like your bio or where you conduct meetings with collaborators, editors or producers).

For each element, list one strategy you will use to strengthen your brand across everything you do. In the case that your artwork is segmented into different brands, build a strategy to strengthen each brand without competing with one another. Add this to your goals in your business plan.

Establish a concrete deadline for implementing that strategy.

List some measures of how you might know the strategy worked (e.g. an increase in page views, meetings scheduled, revenue).

Reflection Questions

1. What are some examples of strong brands that you have encountered?

2. Which brands do you find yourself most loyal to? 

  • What about these brands do you find appealing? 
  • If these businesses suddenly branded themselves in a different way, do you think if would affect your buying habits? How or why not?

3. What one word do you think people would use to describe you?

  • To describe your art? 
  • Your business? 

4. How can you build on these existing perspectives to develop a consistent brand message? 

5. What kinds of customers do you think would be most likely to respond to this image?

6. Who would be your most likely competitors for reaching these potential customers?  


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