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4.4 Using Storytelling to Sell

From Audience Matters

Audience Matters: Andy Goodman from Arts Cleveland on Vimeo.


Choose a piece of content you need to create to engage people with your business. It could be a video, your about page, a business pitch presentation, or anything else you are doing to put yourself and your artwork out there. 

  1. Identify the protagonist and the starting point. (Is it you today? Is it where you were when conceived your idea? Is it your friend or someone who experiences a piece you created?)
  2. Explain the routine or average day of the protagonist.
  3. Pinpoint the "inciting incident." In other words, what happened in your world or the protagonist's world that set that routine in a different direction?
  4. State the obstacle and describe all the frustration and tension that rises as you try to overcome that obstacle.
  5. State the moment of bliss, the moment when the artwork and process you are offering to your audiences or clients solves all of the problems and tension.
  6. Tie up loose ends and state the new normal.

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