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Session 5: Finance and Legal

Finance and Legal

Focus in on the continuation and sustainability of your artistic profession or creative venture. Explore funding options; leverage and record how you use the funds; build financial strategy and security.

5.1 Raising Money

Raising start-up capital takes strategy...Grants, Venture Capitalists, Fiscal Sponsors, Small Business Loans...Learn what is out there and think through where you should start based on your own circumstance and vision.

5.2 Accounting and Finance

Tracking, planning and achieving your financial goals is the bottom-line of your business. It sounds gross to a lot of artists, but it is a necessity to keeping your artistic or creative venture operating and eventually thriving. Everything you do is to support your bottom-line, and your bottom-line (being a profitable creative entreprenuer) helps you make a living doing what you love.

5.3 Taxes

Often, artists are best suited to find a tax professional to help with filing taxes, and they can quickly become complex. However, it's helpful to organize your documents and understand what questions to ask your accountant.

5.4 Contracts and Clients

Contracts can be complicated. Get insight on this firms client strategies and avoid the all to prevalent discussion of why you won't offer your services for free.

5.5 Insurance

"Insurance policies are too complicated." Many artists have inventory, liabilities, electronic files, equipment, studio space and risk. If a flood or storm ruins your computer, a neighbor is affected by the material you use or any other unpredictable circumstance you never expect to find yourself in, you need to be covered. Without insurance, even a small risk could be devastating. Learn some of the basics and link off to learn more at CERF+.