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Session 1: Vision


Building Your Foundation

Take a closer look at the term "Artist as an Entrepreneur." What does that really mean; and what does it mean for those of us in Cleveland? For CPAC, it's about strategy and breaking through the barriers that restrict us from unleashing our full potential. For you it maybe something totally different. Once you identify your starting point from a business standpoint, let's think about how you will establish a clear vision that marries your artistic philosophies with your business priorities.

Work through your action plan, or business plan structure as you complete each session. Fill in your own book, so to speak, as you move along. Give yourself a solid foundation of material to revisit and polish up when you're in the thick of running your artist business.

1.1 Finding Your Strengths

Assess your strengths and weaknesses internally, as well as the opportunities and threats that may out of your control. All of these items should influence your artist business decisions both immediately and down the line. Capitalize on opportunities, seek others whose strengths are your weakness, and be creative with how you can use this information.

1.2 Artistic Vision and Mission Statements

This is where you start to frame your mission and vision. Your values will explain why you are headed in that direction. Goals give you paths to get there.

1.3 Defining Goals: Balancing Creative and Business Practices

Artists, designers and writers have many ideas and functions running through their heads at any moment. Write them down and be honest about your priorities. Give yourself a concrete list of manageable steps. Take a moment to enjoy your accomplishments as you cross items off. Then revisit and do it again.

1.4 Legal Business Structures

It may be easiest to run a business as a sole proprietor, but is it the best option? When do you get to put that validating "LLC" or "Ltd" at the end of your business name? How do you ensure you won't put your entire personal life at risk if something unexpected happens with your business?

1.5 Business Partners

Working with someone new, or even an old friend, adds a lot of variables to a business. Creative and business partnerships can be a great strategy. Think it through to avoid unnecessary arguments and stress.