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1.2 Artistic Vision and Mission Statements

Exploring Your Vision, Mission and Priorities

If a business plan is your map, your mission is your destination. It reminds you why you're in business. You can use it to get your bearings. If you are ever in doubt of what to do, ask yourself "What will further the mission?" It should be broad enough for your artwork to expand, grow and change direction. It should be defined enough to help you stay the course when a tempting offer could steer you the wrong way.

Your vision, then, would be the picture of that destination. It's what you imagine your business/work/life/situation will look like when you reach your mission.

This module begins with a discussion regarding what you hope to accomplish as artist and entrepreneur. This is where you start to frame your mission and vision. Your values will explain why you are headed in that direction. Goals give you paths to get there. 

Mission Statement

Vision Statement



Draft a vision and mission statement and enter it in the business plan template provided in the first session. You will have plenty of time to revise this as you go through the course. Ultimately, everything you do will be designed to achieve your mission. A good mission states what artwork you are providing, to whom and where your focus is. This is not an elevator pitch, though many brands do use this to support and promote their image.

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