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2.2 Competitive Advantage

C4 Atlanta, Competitive Advantage


Market Research

Equally as important to understanding the people who will buy your work (or tickets to your show, copies of your book, etc.) is understand who else is solving that same problem. To get a better understanding of how you are different than your competitors, there are a number of research strategies and questions you can ask. Read the Market Research handout in the previous session for more information about primary research. You can also find research about the local arts economy and the players that make up each industry in our Research Library.

Reflection Questions

  1. Who offers the same type of work you do?
  2. Who outside of your peer artists, writers and performers are solving the same "problems" as you and your work? I.e. where else could they be spending that money for a similar experience.
  3. In what ways is your work different from theirs?
  4. How else is your work benefiting the people who experience it in addition to the initial "problem" in question 2?


Cuyahoga County Listing of Certified Small Businesses

Arts Cleveland Research Library

RAND Corporation

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