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Aja Dandridge

Aja Dandridge
Aja Dandridge is a visual artist and freelance writer who stays true to herself. She’s been a reluctant Clevelander all her life, but her imagination extends far beyond the city’s borders. Sometimes urban and other times out of the box, her artistry has a beat of its own. Currently, her work muses on African Magicalism and Mythology, often depicting fictionalized characters of ethnicity. Her portraits tell stories as seen through the eyes of her subjects.

"My art is my therapy, helping me see the world in shades of color, rather than black and white," she says. Aja has been compelled to create art since as early as grade school. "Whether it came in the form of drawings, painting or storytelling, I had to make it a reality on paper."

Despite the educational courses Aja has taken to grow as an artist, she was born with raw talent. Her uncle was a late painter himself and thus the gift has passed onto Aja. Her artwork has been featured in online literary magazines such as Zaum18, Phree Write and Literary Tones. Just this past year, Aja’s pieces were displayed at the Cleveland Heights Holiday Store Art Exhibition, the Greenway Arts Festival and Stella’s Art Gallery. Recently, Aja’s artwork received acceptance into the “A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show” in Atlanta, GA. Aja is an emerging Cleveland artist with much to offer in the coming year.

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