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Brian Andrew Jasinski

Beluga Wave
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Brian Andrew Jasinski, a graphic designer and mixed-media artist, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1999. As a designer with Epstein Design Partners, Brian designs for a broad range of organizations, including medical institutions, universities, business enterprises and nonprofit organizations. His work has been recognized in various design exhibitions and publications both locally and nationally, including AIGA, PRINT, HOW Magazine and Communication Arts.

Brian launched Grey Cardigan, his line of illustrations and stationary product, in the summer of 2009. Grey Cardigan’s imagery depicts the whimsical and sometimes mysterious interactions of figures, flora, fauna and typography within environments that range from stark and pure color tones to heavily patterned detail. Citing the colors, patterns and overall fashion of the 1930s through the 1960s as inspiration, he expresses his reverence for the formality of the past through the images he creates. Grey Cardigan has been featured in Made in the 216, various exhibitions, and is carried in the collection of local independent shops including Room Service, Banyan Tree, and Native: Cleveland.