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Christina Bock

Christina Bock
Christina Bock is a Cleveland-based personal branding photographer serving creative women entrepreneurs. Her mission is to capture the beauty and essence of her client’s brand with scroll-stopping images that they are oh so very proud to post.

Personal Branding Photography was the perfect niche for this portrait photographer. “I absolutely adore all things creative entrepreneurialism, storytelling and style. For many years I was a ‘shadow artist’, working as an art consultant, gallery assistant and art collection manager for several Forbes 400 private art collections. Even though it was in these positions, coupled with my degree in Art History, that I developed a deep appreciation for artistic expression and my discerning eye for aesthetics and composition, I felt something was terribly missing…When I met my husband, he encouraged me to come out of the shadows and become the artist I had always desired to be. It was my teenage dream to be a photographer. It is now my greatest joy to reveal to my clients their God-given beauty in photographs as well as an honor to be of service in elevating the brand of the business that is the call of their entrepreneurial spirit.” Bock considers personal branding photography ideal for the “Soloprenuer” because they are the face of their brand. For the creative entrepreneur: coach, writer, musician, blogger, artist or designer, she says that “in today’s virtual world, headshots, stock images or hiding behind your logo just won’t cut it when you are creating an online presence. This is where personal branding photography arrives on the scene.”

She considers her work a form of intimate storytelling that allows her client’s audience or customers to feel connected to them. She aims to build trust through photography and help her clients build their own business.