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George Mauersberger

Wallflower 6
CPAC: How did you get introduced to your craft? What made you choose it as a profession?
George: I was inspired to make art by looking at my father’s artwork, who was a talented amateur artist. Both of my parents encouraged me to pursue art as a profession, because they wanted me to do something I loved, event if it wasn’t the most certain path.

CPAC: What are some things that have influenced you or your work?
George: Growing up on a farm is Southeast Ohio, contrasting that against the cities I have lived: Pittsburgh, NYC and Cleveland, my adopted home. My work is influenced by Old Master formal techniques, as seen in the work of Albrecht Durer and others vs. more contemporary ideas and concepts, including, but not limited to, Pop Art and Andy Warhol.

CPAC: How do you generate new ideas?
George: New ideas build on past concerns. i.e. I try to evolve, rather than starting from scratch. But in order to be motivated, I have to believe in the image somehow. It’s mostly intuitive, with much deliberation.

CPAC: Why have you chosen Cuyahoga County as a place to live and work?
George: I came here for a job that didn’t last that long. I found another job and stayed because I liked it. Cleveland is so much cooler and hipper than any other city in Ohio.

CPAC: What is your favorite place, event, or “hidden gem” in greater Cleveland?
George: Walleye Gallery, near Gordon Square, started by some former students who are doing great things showing art and crafts, Joe’s Deli on West 117th street does great things with breakfast and lunch!