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In memory of Elmer W. Rogozinski

In memory of Elmer W. Rogozinski
Elmer Rogozinski was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1918. Before serving in WW2 as a radio operator, he attended the Cooper School of Art. He moved to the Southside (Tremont) once he married in 1947 and lived there till his death in 2000 on Kenilworth. Elmer was an avid artist. Mostly painting landscapes and floral arrangements, Elmer was a regular in each and every one the Tremont Art Walks from its start in the early 1990's. You would find him set up outside his home next door to the Brandt Gallery. He also taught kids to draw at St. John Cantius over the summer. Elmer was an inspirational artist who left a positive mark in the Tremont community.

Photo: Elmer with his wife, Kay Rogozinski at their 50th Wedding Anniversary with family.