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Krista Tomorowitz

Krista Tomorowitz
Krista Tomorowitz is a Collinwood designer on a mission – to build her own design business and to bring along the next generation of aspiring designers. Krista works with sewing and repairing costumes and creates jewelry as well, an outgrowth of her upbringing.

“I got started sewing at a pretty young age,” shares Krista. My grandmother sews and my mom does too. So, I was always doing stuff with costumes.”

Recently, she’s been working to take that lifelong passion to the next level. Krista is one of many artists in North Shore Collinwood who has received funding for a community-focused art project through CPAC’s and Northeast Shores’ Artists in Residence program. Through her grant, she was able to establish a pop-up shop (a temporary shopping gallery) in the heart of the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District. She has recently conducted workshops with local school students from Collinwood High School and has provided them with an opportunity to showcase and sell their work at her shop. Even though the workshops have concluded, she still keeps in touch with the students and may be creating more opportunities for them in the future.

In addition to the studio at her shop, which she has named “Featherweight”, Krista also has a home studio where she works on her costume & jewelry pieces. She is currently also working on designing and creating accessory bags out of old recycled paintings. She does additional costume work for Sweet Lorain Vintage, Great Lakes Theater festival in Cleveland, and will be helping out with a Holiday arts sale in December at Arts Collinwood. She’s keeping pretty busy with her projects and is enjoying steady work, which is a blessing for an artist.

Krista inherits her artistic ability from her parents, who are both artists, as well and finds inspiration in the city she calls home.

“I’ve moved away for a while and I’ve lived other places. Cleveland, especially this neighborhood, still has that struggling vibe, but there’s hope. I think we’re on the verge of something really big happening here which is gonna be great.”

When asked what her words of advice would be to aspiring artists, her response was “don’t give up and don’t quit. As an artist in any form of art or anything that you do, it’s a struggle. It can be really easy to quit and get bogged down by people who don’t support you. There’s always gonna be somebody else who can help you out.”

Krista Tomorowitz was funded by an Artists in Residence grant. She is leveraging her design skills to build her own business, and teaching a new generation of aspiring designers how to take their own work to the next level. For more information about the exciting investments being made in and around the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District of Cleveland, visit