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Kristin Ohlson

Kristin Ohlson
CPAC: Who or what has influenced you locally and elsewhere?
Kristin: I have a core group of Cleveland writer friends whose voices—both comforting and critical—have helped shape the kind of work I’m doing today.

CPAC: How do you generate new ideas?
Kristin: I pay attention to the world around me. I take note of events, images and people that interest me. Much of this is fodder for my freelance journalism, but some finds its way into my fiction.

CPAC: What is the hardest part about creating?
Kristin: Pushing away the other things that compete for my time.

CPAC: What is the best moment you have had creating or presenting your work?
Kristin: Shortly after my memoir, Stalking the Divine, was published, I began doing readings at bookstores and giving talks to various groups. It was a great surprise and pleasure to find out that I enjoyed these public appearances.

CPAC: Why have you chosen Cuyahoga County as a place to live and work?
Kristin: It was a happy accident. I grew up in California, headed east for college, and spent a year at Antioch in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I drifted north to Cleveland and wound up staying here because I was intrigued by its history, splendid old buildings, industrial landscape, and polyglot population. I stayed because I have a great life here: a wonderful neighborhood and great friends, including many people who grew up elsewhere and wound up moving to Cleveland.

CPAC: What is your favorite place, event, or “hidden gem” in Cuyahoga County?
Kristin: The Cleveland Public Library’s special collections room downtown.