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Lena Atomika

Lena Atomika
I am a child of Slavic immigrants...born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I have recently relocated back to Cleveland to help my mother, after living in Los Angeles for 20+ years.

Moving on it's own can be difficult, and add to that the changing of one's day-to-day structure as a makes for the development of some unexpected and even overwhelming challenges. And as anyone, we do the best we can with what we have.

This is a new beginning, so I am taking my talents, skills and experiences and putting them to use. In doing so, my wish is to help inspire others on their own journeys. This inspiration will comprise of written musings, visual/photographic art, and video creations.

My intention is to share via the different formats, thereby lending to the increased inspiration and joy in the lives of others. And in doing so, my own inspiration increases creating a powerful feedback loop between myself and the community.

I believe that we learn from one another, and can contribute to life as a whole by inspiring everything from a smile, to creating interest and raising awareness with poignant and even sometimes mundane topics. And in this LIFE...MY life, YOUR life, OUR lives...we are co-mingling via this amazing online platform called Patreon, because we are inspired (I believe).

And if you find yourself inspired and intrigued, please do join me by becoming one of my Patreon supporters. Your support will help in important ways: bring in necessary income to help me continue with my creativity and production (photography, writing, and video), which greatly alleviates monetary pressures that are related to helping at home (around my mother).

In return, you will gain access to inspirations, in the way of written stories/blogs and/or videos/vlogs. I will also be offering select photographic prints to supporters that contribute at particular tiers (available sizes: 5x7, 11x14, 16x20).

Fyi, the topics will cover extensive subject matter and reflect my diverse interests in life. These range from art to science, and everything in, music, comedy, self-improvement, etc. I may even share some "Hollywood" stories (wink-wink)'ll have to wait and see...and of course become a supporter.

I thank you again for granting me the opportunity to share my creativity and interests with you, and am sincerely grateful for your 'Patreon'-age.

Peace, Love & Blessings to each and every one of you.

With Love & Gratitude,