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Patty Flauto: Living In Color

Patty Flauto: Living In Color
Color is my life-long passion and (constant) companion. I have literally made my living in color.

I studied fine art here in Northeast Ohio. While studying the disciplines of both art and design, color was the thing that engaged me the most. My strong color vision and an ability to master color theory, was as I came to discover, a unique and innate talent I was born with. With gratitude I pursued this vocation.

Examples of my career as a working color creative are: textile colorist, textile dye expert, national and international color teacher, greeting card designer, color and trend consultant for major corporations, interior designer, and fine artist. No wonder I am a lover of color who literally lives in color!

As an abstract painter, color plays a major part of my painting process. Abstract art is the perfect outlet for someone with a colorful obsession. Color is the portal through which I enter to begin every painting. It sustains my interest and keeps me creating the work even when my motivation wanders.

Color is a universal language that speaks without words and reaches beyond time and culture. Thrilled to be fluent in and living in color.