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Be An Arts Advocate

Helping inform public decisions is our role as citizens and is possible at every level. Advocacy may seem unrelated to your art, but policies are affecting us. Artists are in a unique position to communicate our public value creatively and inform community leaders throughout greater Cleveland about our needs and the impact our creative practices have on their communities.

This information is intended for both novice and expert. These articles and resources will arm you with the information you need no matter how deep you want to go with advocacy work.

Also, you're not in it alone! Arts Cleveland is always here to field a question or find you resources to help you be successful. We offer on-site training for organizations' staff and board, and we are happy to meet with individuals with questions or to help solidify ideas. There are also plenty of artists working in this arena and there is power in working together, rather than duplicating work. We can help get you connected.

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