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Establishing a Site Visit

Site visits provide a policymaker with personal exposure to the programs and people in their area that are central to arts and culture advocacy efforts. This kind of experience demonstrates the arts and culture sector's impact in the community, and can have a lasting impact on the policymaker, increasing the chances of him/her supporting your issue(s). 

simple steps to help organize a site visit / community forum

1. Target the most influential (or best fit) policymaker in your organization's service area based on your priority issue. 

2. Identify the ideal site based on your chosen issue and the geographic location. 

3. Work with the policymaker's scheduler to choose an appropriate date.

4. Coordinate all logistics with the site. Set up a meeting or conference call to get all the key participants on the same page and to ensure the event runs smoothly.

5. Invite community leaders, advocates, funders, board members, peer advocates. Ensure the policymaker knows who will be joining the site visit. Send names, titles and biographies in advance.

6. Draft and distribute a media advisory about the event, and call all your media contacts to personally invite them.

7. Get photos at the event with the policymaker speaking with those invited. 

8. After the event, send a press release to all media contacts and follow up.

9. Send photos and a thank you letter to the policymaker.

10. Post photos from the event on your organization's social media and include a story about it in your newsletter.

To make the most of their visit, you might consider establishing a tour of a number of organizations with the appropriate individuals involved. 

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