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Follow Up

Immediately after the meeting (or during the meeting, if there is a note taker), write down any information you learned about the legislator’s position or concerns so you can integrate it into your campaign plan.

  •  When taking notes, you may wish to use the sample meeting evaluation form below.
  •  Keep these notes on file so that you can use them in the future, as you refine your relationship-building strategies. Plan to share these notes with the other Affiliates whose service areas correspond to the same legislator, so that they too can use this “intel” to refine their own relationship building.

Later, follow up with a thank-you note or email to the legislator and staff who attended, reminding him/her of the issues you presented. If the legislator agreed to support our issues, be sure to remind him/her of that commitment. Or, if you have not yet gotten a firm reply to the asks you had made, politely ask again in your thank-you letter. You may also want to share any pictures from the meeting. With regard to staff: remember that they can be real allies and often are not thanked by constituents, so they will greatly appreciate you taking the time to recognize their contributions to the meeting.

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