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Auditions for "The Inspector General"

Award: A part in the play

Deadline: 07/15/2019

Disciplines: Theatre

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Lakeland Theatre

Audition Information and Dates:
Auditions will take place on Monday, July 15, 2019, between 7:00 and 9:00 PM in the Lakeland Community College Performing Arts Center. No reservations or monologues are needed. Sorry, no Equity Contracts for this one. This is an open audition. All roles are paid. except if you are under 18 years of age; sorry.

Production and Rehearsal Dates:
The Inspector General will open on Friday, September 13 and run through Sunday, September 29, 2019. There will be nine (9) shows; that is THREE (3) weeks of performances.
Rehearsals will begin in early August. We will work around vacations and Labor Day.
For more information please feel free to contact me, Martin Friedman at or at 216/233-5441.

This play is the epitome of a satire. Hollywood made a movie with Danny Kaye that bore no resemblance to the play. Written in 1836 in Russia, by Nikolai Gogol, The Inspector General is a comedy of errors that ridicules political corruption, local corruption and corruption at all levels; this play lampoons everybody and everything. I need actors that are ready take these characters as far as they can without be untrue. Truth is always funnier than fake news. ALL AGES, GENDERS, AND ETHNITICITES ARE ENCOURGED TO AUDITION.

The Plot: The corrupt officials of a small town, headed by the Mayor, react with terror to the news that an undercover inspector will soon be arriving in their town to investigate them. The Mayor, after years of shaking down all the crooked city department heads himself, is freaked out. As the public officials all try to cover up their misdeeds, a suspicious person has arrived and is staying at the local hotel. That person, however, is not an inspector, but a smart guy on the take. Sick and tired of the Mayor’s demand for bribes, the department heads try to buy off the griffter with the Mayor’s wife and daughter also trying to get in the act.

The Family
The Mayor: Anton Antonovich:
The Mayor’s wife: Anna Andreyevna:
The Mayor’s daughter: Maria Antonovna:

The City Officials
The School Superintendent: On the take. Male or Female.
The Judge: On the take. Female or Male.
The Hospital Administrator: On the take. Male or Female.
The Postmaster: On the take. Female or Male.
The Police Chief: On the take. Male or Female.
An Independent Person of Means: On the take. Female or Male.
Another Independent Person of Means: On the take. Male or Female.

The Others
A Man or Woman on the take: Khlestakov: On the take. Male or Female.
Osip: Her/His servant: On the take. Male or Female.