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Calls for Artists

Find calls for artists, competitions and other requests for submissions around Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.Post a Call for Artists

Artist Residency

Applications are open for a 2022 Residency with Akron Soul Train.  Akron Soul Train is a multidisciplinary residency and work with visual artists, dancers, poets and authors, performance artists, musicians, and filmmakers.  Artists receive a stipend of $1000 and a residency lasts typically a month.  Artists work in their own studios.  Akron Soul Train will exhibit visual artists in their gallery located at 191 S. Main St in Akron or partner with a venue for performance pieces.  Visit the link for more information.

All Residencies for Artists, Designers, Writers, Curators & Art Historians (Self-Guided or with Master Instruction) – All Dates in 2022 & 2023 –...

Arquetopia Foundation is now welcoming applications for the following residency programs in the majestic central historic district of Puebla, Mexico; the open countryside of Oaxaca, Mexico; the Sacred Valley of the Andes of Cusco, Peru; and the Amalfi Coast of Naples, Italy, for all dates in 2022 and 2023.


Vestige Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh Presents: Primal Disposition. Primal Disposition seeks to showcase works of art that are raw, emotive, primitive, earthen, sexual, sensory, confrontational, instinctual.  They are also looking for work that is primal in the materials used: foundational, basic, primary colors, elemental, and/or textured.   

Auditions for 2nd Act Cleveland - Theatre Co focused on addiction/recovery

Are you an actor looking for steady, part-time work? Do you want to work with a professional, mission-driven, touring theater company? 2nd Act is hiring actors who have the flexibility for shows throughout the year for productions focused on addiction and the opioid epidemic. 

Call for Playwrights Seeking One-Act Plays and Scenes For “Wake Up to Healing Arts: Using Performance and Media for Direction, Hope, Health, and...

Wake Up and Live’s Actors’ Studio (WUAL) is launching its “Healing Arts” project. They are inviting playwrights to submit one-act plays or scenes which can be performed in 30 minutes or less. These creative works should address mental health inspirational stories to be performed on Cleveland area stages and on “Wake Up and Live With the Arts” YouTube shows.
Selected plays or scenes will depict mental health challenges the character/s face, is overcoming, or has overcome, which allow him/her to now live an improved mental health life.

Visiting Artist Opportunity 2021/22

Hopewell's visiting artist program is designed to foster an alliance between the creative arts and wellness. They are seeking artists who value the connection between mental health and artistic expression, and who are interested in exploring this intersection through instruction, collaboration, and community engagement. Through this program, it is their vision to connect individuals experiencing mental illness with creative and innovative approaches to healing and recovery. As a visiting artist, you will be invited to stay on the farm in a private apartment for the duration of your artist workshop. Meals with the community will be provided, and artists will have access to studio space as well as the rest of our 325 acre working farm, including hiking trails, ponds, and natural sanctuaries. Artists will be expected to run a minimum 2 day workshop that will provide instruction of their craft to our residents. Projects may be tailored to individual or group work. Artists will also be asked to donate a creative piece of their own making that will reflect the visiting artist experience. Cost of supplies, up to $500, for running the workshop will be covered by Hopewell and artists will receive an additional $500 stipend at the completion of their stay. Rolling submission process and flexible scheduling.

CAN Triennial artist application is now open

Collective Arts Network, organizers of CAN Triennial, opened the application for visual artists at

The artist application period opens June 1 and closes September 30, 2021. The exhibit, CAN Triennial: You Are Here is scheduled for July and August 2022.

The theme for the exhibit was selected by the CAN Triennial curatorial team, which began meeting early in 2020. Planning was paused with the onset of the pandemic, but resumed via teleconference early in 2021.

CAN Triennial: You Are Here

YOU ARE HERE is a multi-venue exhibition organized in collaboration with an intergenerational, diverse team of curators who have a range of institutional affiliations. The curatorial team will assemble more than a dozen exhibitions that will, at times, examine place and location, and at other times skewer notions of culture and politics, and map to discussions around presence and loss. Together, these exhibitions will give us an experiential journey through the literal geography of our city, and the ever-complicated situational understandings of place, context, identity, and action.

Rolling Call for Artists, Cleveland Botanical Garden

Holden Forests & Gardens (HF&G) is seeking artists to exhibit their work at the Cleveland Botanical Garden campus spring through fall of 2021 and beyond. 

The purpose of these art exhibits is to further their mission of connecting “people with the wonder, beauty, and value of trees and plants, to inspire action for healthy communities.” The art exhibits present an opportunity for visitors to connect with the work of local artists while enjoying both the interior and exterior gardens. Artist's work will be showcased in the Eppig Gallery, a 69-linear-foot hallway located on the main floor of the Cleveland Botanical garden. Artists may also be considered for the 600-square-foot Guren Gallery on the second floor of the building.

Open Call for "Cleveland's Smallest Gallery"

Introducing Phone Gallery - Cleveland's smallest gallery - annexed to the front of Russ' Auto Care in the Waterloo Arts District across the street from Waterloo 7 Studios and Praxis Fiber Workshop.
Originally conceived in 2013 by artist Ivana Medukic of 'Project Pop-Up Galleries' and architect Ali Lukacsy, Phone Gallery demonstrates the transformation of an otherwise vacant and underutilized "space" - in this case, an abandoned phone booth - into an inventive place for art display.

Call for Volunteers - MOCA Cleveland Docent


Artfetch Representing the next generation of leading artists, from around the world.

Artfetch presents the work of selected emerging artists for sale online. The team of specialist cutting-edge curators will choose the most promising up-and-coming artists from around the world to be included on the website.