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Conundrum Co-Op Collaboration

Award: *inclusion in artist community

Deadline: 12/31/2020

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Not Discipline Specific

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Starting September 20th, Conundrum Co-Op will take the form of a bi-weekly collaborative exchange between one artist and a group of participants (who are also artists). How does this work, you ask? Excellent question, I answer!

Every other week an artist will curate a collection of files which will be sent out to a group of participants via the Conundrum Co-Op email account. These files can be images, videos, writings, whatever the artist chooses. Upon receipt of this collection of files the participants will use these materials as inspiration for the creation of a short work of art over the course of two weeks. These works will then be sent to the Conundrum Co-Op email account and uploaded to the YouTube Page for public viewing at the end of the two weeks, at which point another set of curated from a new artist will be sent out.

The Co-Op invites you to participate on both sides of this collaboration. Please fill out the attached form (in the GUIDELINES above) to add your email to the list of participants and feel free to share it far and wide! (adding your name pretty much just means that you're interested and doesn't carry any weight of obligation when it comes to actually creating something, so commitment-phobes rejoice!) If you are interested in being a curator, or just have questions, email[at]

Learn more about Conundrum Co-Op at