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Award: n/a

Development/Fabrication Allowance: n/a

Deadline: 08/14/2020

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Not Discipline Specific

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Kaiser Gallery

Call for works that explore the childhood home as it relates to family relationships, childhood memories, and/or feelings of dysphoria.

The home is a place that fosters our understanding of relationships. During the early years of childhood is when we develop socially and emotionally. Later in life, these early years will impact our ability to foster relationships, empathize, and how to interact with others. When revisiting memories of home, it is important to teeter on the edge of both joy and trauma as this duality defines us. There are nurturing memories that offer safety and warmth. However, for others, the home can represent pain where a moment of trauma is forever encased in time. Home can be a physical location, associated with the material, or defined within one’s self. This cultivation of objects and relationships defines who we are.

*There are no submission fees. Artists of all mediums are encouraged to apply.