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Painted Rain Barrels 2019

Award: Opportunity to design a barrel

Deadline: 05/03/2019

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Guidelines: Call for Artist's Rain Barrel Project v8 copy.pdf 290.45 kB

Disciplines: Design

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Collinwood Painted Rain Barrel Project

Top 12 will win $100 and exhibit design and barrel in Beachwood Art Gallery in August - Deadline May 3

Project Summary:
This Event celebrates and encourages the use of rain barrels, which promote clean water conservation by keeping storm water runoff out of the storm sewer system. Rain barrels collect and retain storm water runoff from the roofs of our homes and buildings. Their use can mitigate combined sewer overflows which occur during heavy storm events, thus preventing raw sewage from contaminating the fresh water of our creeks, rivers; and, ultimately, Lake Erie. Reducing storm water runoff lowers water treatment costs and helps protect our fresh water resources from non-point source pollution, dangerous bacteria, and harmful algal blooms.
This Project intends to showcase outstanding regional artists by helping to support their work with funding and publicity. Artists will compete to design and execute their work on a 55 Gallon Rain Barrel provided by the sponsors. To make each barrel a unique work of art, artists are asked to include a reference to; or, be inspired by: a) the impact of clean water in our lives; b) the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire--the last time the river burned; or, c) the encouragement of clean water conservation. The top twelve designs selected for the Project will be completed and auctioned to the community at an art exhibit, and associated events, at the Beachwood Community Center in July and August as described further below. Artists are welcome to compete in the auction to purchase their own or other artists' barrels.