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Queerantine LGBTQIA+ Music Video Showcase

Award: Spot on show

Development/Fabrication Allowance: N/A

Deadline: 10/20/2020

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Music

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Organization: Queerantine

Welcome to QUEERANTINE! Kisos's weekly showcase of music videos from emerging artists across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Watch LIVE, Sundays at 3pm ET from
Calling all LGBTQIA+ artists! First come, first serve for their weekly music video showcase run by Kisos (@itskisos) and streamed live Sundays. Videos must be "PG-13", as Twitch doesn't allow the nude form, or outlines of it. Feel free to submit or DM me if you are unsure and we can evaluate on a case by case basis! Get a feel for the show HERE:

Apply via this form: