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Rooms to Let: CLE

Award: Artist compensation varies

Deadline: 05/12/2021

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Not Discipline Specific

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

Traditionally set in vacant houses set for demolition, Rooms To Let: CLE is using 2021 to transform storefront spaces in the historic Broadway E 55th intersection! Working with local artists and business owners the project will use adapted temporary and semi-permanent art installations to beautify retail storefronts and grass lots.

On July 10-11th from 12pm-6pm visitors can walk Slavic Village to view outdoor visual and performance works of art from over 50 artists led by talented curator groups; the Visit Arts Collective, Dana Depew, and Cleveland Print Room.

Artists interested in transforming spaces will be selected by curators- the Visit Arts Collective, Dana Depew, and Cleveland Print Room. Rooms to Let: CLE offers a unique opportunity for the participating artists and curators to interact with the community, bringing beauty and dialogue around the effects of the foreclosure crisis and how a neighborhood can positively evolve in the aftermath.

DUE WEDNESDAY MAY 12TH - SEE THE GUIDELINES ABOVE for full details and application