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moCa Artist in Residence, summer 2021

Award: $2,500 honorarium + travel and project budget

Deadline: 01/31/2021

Guidelines link: Click here for guidelines

Disciplines: Not Discipline Specific

Location: Local (Cleveland Area)

As a non-collecting art institution, moCa is a laboratory for artistic experimentation. The AIR program is a new approach to working with artists, built through long-form engagement and extended time together in the same environment.

The museum has made a renewed commitment to engage artists who have been underrepresented and/or historically excluded by moCa and other major art institutions. As a part of this commitment, AIR will prioritize previously-excluded artists and those whose practices have been ignored within museums and cultural organizations.

Kicking off in summer 2021, AIR will offer two, five-month, in-building residencies. The first will be July–November 2021 and the second will be January–May 2022.

Artists-in-residence will receive an honorarium, program support, and a private, semi-visible studio space in moCa’s Rayburn Workroom, located on the third floor of the museum. During their time in residence, artists will develop a site-specific project that activates a site in the building outside of the traditional gallery spaces and potentially responds to their experiences in and with moCa. Projects will be installed during or at the end of the residency period and will be on display during the subsequent artist residency. This work will be included in the development of the Essential Question, which is used to guide all interpretative experiences and programs related to the exhibitions on view. Artists will also be able to use this studio space freely to work on projects unrelated to the museum.

AIR encourages an open-ended approach to making, supporting projects of all mediums, including performance, installation, and multidisciplinary works. Cuyahoga County-based emerging or early-career artists who are passionate about working with and within the Cleveland community. While AIR offers a private, semi-visible studio space (see AIR Benefits), artists must be interested in engaging with new people and ideas and value the social aspect of a museum-based residency.

Private, semi-visible studio (with two glass walls), at no cost to the artist, in moCa’s Rayburn Workroom, available to the artist during regular building hours. Please note: moCa staff will work with selected artists to ensure they are comfortable in this space and have the ability to work without constant viewership. This studio is not soundproof.

Site-specific project, creatively activating a moCa space (to be determined with the artist & moCa staff) outside of the traditional gallery environments.

Professional development opportunities and interactions with at least one moCa staff member in every department.

Opportunities to connect with visiting artists, curators, and arts professionals.

An honorarium of $2,500, travel stipend of $500, maximum project budget of $4,000, and maximum programming budget of $1,000.