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Executive Director

Date Posted: 09/01/2020

Application Deadline: 09/30/2020

Type of Position: full time

View Job Description (link): Click here to view job description

Submission Instructions: Application Instructions:
To apply, candidates should electronically submit as a single PDF file a cover letter and resume to No phone calls please.
Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled, though submission by September 30, 2020 is highly encouraged.

Executive Director Position Responsibilities:
-Hire, Manage, and Support DSCDO staff: Maximize the productivity and effectiveness of staff through professionalism and sound personnel management strategies including conducting regular performance reviews, providing frequent constructive feedback, and encouraging opportunities for professional growth.

-Financial Management: Assure the organization’s financial health by overseeing the development of, and adherence to, operating budgets including developing financial performance measures and monitoring performance results. Ensure best practice financial management strategies are followed and meet compliance requirements specific to various funding sources.

-Fund Development: In support of the budget, ensure adequate funding by developing and implementing strategies to raise needed capital through fundraising events, direct appeal, grant awards, and fees for services. Actively cultivate new revenue sources for the organization.

-Real Estate Development and Management: Balance DSCDO’s mission and vision with financial prudence to oversee the development and management of organizational real estate assets.

-Board Relations and Support: Collaborate with the Board of Directors through engagement and active communication. Provide, in a timely manner, information and materials required for Board meetings, review, and decision-making. Assist in the identification, recruitment, and retention of appointed Board members.

-Strategic Planning: Oversee the development and implementation of DSCDO’s strategic plan, including specific projects and neighborhood plans. Assure that planning efforts are continual and reflect the organizational vision and mission; are transparent; and include a robust community engagement component. Work with the Board to proactively identify and address near- and long-term challenges for the organization.

-Leadership & Outreach: Build and maintain a positive organizational impact through strong relationships with residents, businesses, and stakeholders within the community and beyond. Serve as the ‘face’ of the organization and primary spokesperson to city, county, state and federal regulatory agencies, outside investors, and the community.

-Organizational Accountability: Measure and review progress on DSCDO’s strategic plan and related programs, projects, and initiatives. Report performance results to the Board and staff, including identifying and recommending program enhancements or corrective actions.

-Partnership Management: Provide leadership and guidance in negotiations with other community development organizations and nonprofits regarding service contracts and partnerships.

-Subsidiary Management: Oversee and manage DSCDO’s subsidiary corporations.

-Field Innovation: Work with the staff and Board to develop and implement new and creative ways for the organization to carry out its mission, serve the community, and innovate on conventional community development models.

Organization: Detroit Shoreway

For more than 45 years, DSCDO has guided the physical, economic, and social development of the neighborhoods it serves toward an improved quality of life. DSCDO is a recognized leader in the community development field locally and nationally, acting as a catalyst for community building and creating a diverse, sustainable, and desirable neighborhood in which to live, work, play, dine, shop, and worship. DSCDO believes in the importance of urban neighborhoods for the future of our region; it values maintaining racial and economic diversity, representation of diverse people and opinions, and the power of everyday people to shape their own communities.