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Pollworkers Needed

Date Posted: 08/12/2020

Application Deadline: 11/03/2020

Type of Position: seasonal

View Job Description (link): Click here to view job description

Submission Instructions: -You must be a registered voter in Cuyahoga County. Check your current voter registration status.
-You must never have been convicted of a felony.
-You cannot be a candidate for an office or a position and serve as an election official in any precinct where your name appears on the ballot.

To apply, please submit your application online via the job description link above. For questions or to learn more, please contact or call 216-443-3277.

Organization: Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

It's anticipated that there will be a shortage of poll workers for the upcoming November election. The Board of Elections is calling for an additional 1,500 poll workers, with over 4,500 needed in total. Cuyahoga County is allowing employees to work the polls on Election Day while also getting paid for a regular work day, and County Executive Armond Budish is encouraging other County businesses to follow suit to make sure polling locations are adequately staffed come November 3rd.