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Program Manager

Date Posted: 07/11/2022

Type of Position: full time

View Job Description (link): Click here to view job description

Job Description: Program Manager Job Description FINAL.pdf 493.30 kB

Submission Instructions: Near West Theatre is excited to announce the search for candidates for the newly formed position of Program Manager. The Program Manager will lead and manage NWT’s rapidly growing youth and community program services. This position will oversee the creation, implementation and sustainability of new program opportunities for youth participants, with external partners, and in response to community needs and feedback. The Program Manager will recruit NWT artist-teachers and ensure the proper training and skills as representatives of NWT’s programs and mission. This position will work closely with our community to expand mission and build authentic relationships for future participation and program design. The Program Manager will implement a consistent process of assessments to ensure program quality, outcomes, reporting and communications. This is a transformative opportunity for NWT and the select candidate as we continue to emphasize racial equity and safe spaces on our journey in becoming a multi-cultural anti-racist organization.

To Apply: Please apply with cover letter and resume online through our website form at If preferred, applicants may email application directly to: with the job title listed in the subject line; or mail to: Near West Theatre, ATTN: Human Resources Department, 6702 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102.

Organization: Near West Theatre