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Job Search

Expand Your Search

With a variety of jobs, auditions and projects consistently changing, you’ll wanttosearch in a number of places and find ways to narrow your search.

  • Reach out to your network of friends and family. These individuals may have job leads and can serve as a foot in the door by recommending you to someone they know. They can also provide you with helpful feedback on your interview skills, project proposals and resumes.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Each site has its own purpose with regard to putting your skills and creative work out there or getting leads on opportunities. Use them to expand your reach by asking online friends and followers to recommend you for relevant work.  Follow fellow artists and professional organizations to look for trends, calls, auditions or openings.
  • Contact your alumni association or school placement office for internship or apprenticeship opportunities. Often these colleagues have a list of current, available opportunities to share.
  • Go to networking events. Explore ways to talk to new people and to describe the type of work you’re looking for. You may find some unlikely collaborative partners.
  • Consider alternative methods of income as you search for a more permanent job, or explore your options as a creative professional. Read the Guide to Developing Your Business for more information about becoming an entrepreneur.

Define Your Search

If you are using a job search engine, use filters to help you narrow down your choices.  Here are some criteria you might consider:

  • Your desired availability, schedule and work load
  • Desired hourly rate, commission or salary
  • Benefits (healthcare, retirement, etc.)
  • Your most comfortable skill set (creation/development, face-to-face interactions, copywriting).
  • Jobs that you really enjoy
  • A certain industry or organization

Many of these questions are filter options on some of the major online job search sites. If you are asking your colleagues and friends about job openings this list will help you describe the type of job you want.

Conduct Your Search

Once you’ve developed your criteria, you will have a better sense of direction for your search. There are a number a great websites that can help. Some allow you to submit your resume while others link you to the job description on the organization’s website. Find listings on Creative Compass or search employment service organizations:

  • Creative Compass Employment Listings
  • Creative Compass Calls for Artists
  • Creative Compass Service Organizations

For email services that offer up to date listings of calls for artists and auditions you may sign up to receive CPAC’s email newsletter and the NEOPAL list serve. Both email-based services will provide you with opportunities in the Northeast Ohio area as these become available.

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