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Classes, Workshops and Events

The Creative Compass event calendar is focused on events geared toward individual artists. For a list of public arts and culture events in Cleveland, visit


July 2021



Encore Chamber Music Institute
Music & Ideas Festival

ENCORE Chamber Music Institute’s Music & Ideas Festival is a summer season of arts-inspired learning through chamber music. During the course of the 6-week Festival, ENCORE will host 40+ public events for audiences of all ages in Northeast Ohio, including concerts, discussion panels, masterclasses, yoga classes, and community outreach programs in nursing homes and youth camps.

In addition to public events, the Festival includes intensive performance and leadership training programs for young musicians. Over 80 violinists, violists and cellists ages 13 to 26 are selected from a wide pool of applicants to study and perform with ENCORE’s artist faculty.

The mission of the Music & Ideas Festival is to create a diverse learning community that participates in cultural conversations through the lens of music. By bringing creative thinkers and learners together, ENCORE aspires to form shared bonds of lifelong learning among our community of artists, students, and audiences.

Developing a Writing Habit

Literary Cleveland
Jul 07, 2021 - Jul 28, 2021 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Showing up to write isn’t half the battle – it is the battle. This class will help you develop writing habits that will boost your confidence, help you find your “voice,” and keep your writing process in motion. We’ll investigate ways to playfully expand the imagination and increase creative output as well as work with prompts that will help inspire specific writing projects, and most importantly generate new work. Participants will leave with a tool kit to keep the writing flowing.

Important note: To register for this class you must have either 1) participated in a past Developing a Writing Habit Class or 2) registered for or taken the prerequisite class: Introduction to Developing a Writing Habit. Those signed up for the four-week session will receive a writing prompt prior to the start of class, and workshopping will begin the first session.

Vocal & Hip Hop Dance Workshop How “Rotten to the Core” are you?

Voice Variations
Jul 10, 2021 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. | Dance Studio and Black Box Theatre Stage, The Olmsted Community Center, 8170 Mapleway Dr. Olmsted Falls, OH 44138 ​ | Hone Your Craft
Get energized and inspired while building confidence!

This Vocal Performance & Hip Hop Dance Intensive will introduce you to street and commercial styles, of Hip Hop, while exposing participants to fitness and fun. A short warm-up will be taught, then we will learn the moves step by step to this catchy song. At the end, we will put it all together for a vocal dance performance and filming for TikTok and YouTube channels. Designed for intermediate and advanced dancers and movers.

Spots Available on a First Reserve Basis! FEE: $80

Anthotype Workshop

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 11, 2021 11 AM - 1 PM | Cleveland Print Room, 2550 Superior Ave | Community, Hone Your Craft
An anthotype is an image created using photosensitive material from plants. This process was originally invented by Mary Somerville in 1842. An emulsion is made from crushed flower petals or any other light-sensitive plant, fruit or vegetable.

All materials will be provided in the workshop.

Please Note: Students will create one Anthotype emulsion in the print room and will complete the development process at home. Students will be emailed a week before workshop to provide an image of their choice used during the workshop.

Image by instructor Samantha Bias.

CPR Guided Photo Walk - Hart Crane Memorial Park

Jul 11, 2021 1 PM | Hart Crane Memorial Park | Community
PHOTO WALK Sunday, July 11 from 1-2pm

at Hart Crane Memorial Park

Enjoy an afternoon of fresh air photography while taking in some of Cleveland’s unique outdoor spaces. All cameras are welcome: phone cameras, digital, film, etc. Bring your favorite, or try out CPR's instant cameras. Print Room Artists Aja Grant and Lexi Deet will host these walks and guide the experience. Transportation available to young artists, as needed. All ages welcome.

Adults $15, or $10 for members.

FREE for young artists ages 12-21.

Register here:

2021 Inkubator Conference

Literary Cleveland
Jul 11, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021 Various times | Online | Hone Your Craft
The Inkubator is Literary Cleveland's free annual festival for writers and readers! Each day from July 11-25 features a new program or event open to the public and available online, including multi-week workshops, panel discussions, craft talks, open mics, and a keynote address. Altogether, the two-week online conference is a public celebration of writing in Cleveland that advances writers’ individual abilities, furthers artistic dialogue, fosters a more connected literary community, and invites more people to tell their stories.

So You Wrote a Short Story - Now What?

Literary Cleveland
Jul 14, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
In this craft talk, they'll cover how to identify markets to sell your work to, how to respectfully submit, and what to expect from the short fiction publication world, as well as cover some tools to help you on your way.

Marie Vibbert has sold over 70 works of short fiction to pro-rate magazines and anthologies. Her first novel, Galactic Hellcats, came out in 2021 and is about a female biker gang in outer space rescuing a gay prince. By day she is a computer programmer at CWRU.

Writing Multiple Storylines

Literary Cleveland
Jul 14, 2021 - Jul 21, 2021 4-5 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
In this interactive workshop, you will explore and discuss parallel story structures and investigate ways combining different perspectives or time lines deepen the plot, suspense, and mystery.

Best-selling author D.M. Pulley will share her experiences weaving historical story threads into present day narratives. Through multiple examples, Pulley will demonstrate different techniques to develop resonant story lines and ways to guide the reader along a shifting path.

Together with fellow participants, you will outline the advantages and pitfalls of jumping back and forth in time or between characters and determine where best to use this technique in your own work.

The Shifty Speaker

Literary Cleveland
Jul 14, 2021 - Jul 21, 2021 12 noon - 1 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Milosz famously said that the “purpose of poetry is to remind us/how difficult it is to remain just one person.”

Often, we use the flexible space between a poet and their speaker to do this. However, this space doesn’t need to remain fixed in a poem, and in fact can often be expanded and contracted to surprise, beguile, and thrill the reader.

In this workshop, we’ll read poems that play with this distance, and practice writing our own that put on a mask so it can slip a little.

Writing Omniscient

Literary Cleveland
Jul 15, 2021 - Jul 22, 2021 4-5 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
The third person omniscient point of view is the most open and flexible POV available to writers. Learn how to write it, avoid head hopping and guide the reader through your story in a unique way.

Poetry and Basketball

Literary Cleveland
Jul 15, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Community
From the first Olympics in ancient Greece, where poets would gather to share their works and write poems for the victors, writers and athletes have competed with each other. Some modern writers, like panelists David Tomas Martinez, Philip Metres, and Tomas Q. Morin, sharpened their ball skills, their attention to detail, their verbal and non-verbal communication, and their team play, on the basketball court. This panel will explore the art of athletics and the athletics of art, calling a truce between the jocks and nerds once and for all.

Workshop for Teens: World Building for Story Tellers

Literary Cleveland
Jul 15, 2021 - Jul 22, 2021 12 noon - 1 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Every story takes place in a complex world—whether it’s in an alternate reality, outer space, or even set in Ohio.

In this workshop we’ll learn how to create and develop believable worlds complete with animals, plants, climate, terrain, culture, and traditions.

We'll make lists, draw maps, and respond to prompts together. Have materials on hand for drawing as well as writing.

Note: you don’t have to be good at drawing to participate! The goal is to delve deeper into our fictional worlds, not to wind up with an artistic masterpiece.

Let It Go! Let It Go! Editing & Revising Poems

Literary Cleveland
Jul 16, 2021 - Jul 23, 2021 4-5 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Are your poems frozen in the same narratives, forms, themes, styles? What are you willing to give up to make a poem better? How do you embrace revisions and editing without letting insecurities get in the way?

Whether on stage or page, editing and revising are necessary tools to strengthen writing. This workshop will challenge participants to think beyond what initially triggered a poem to be written and provide tools to find new creative opportunities.

Workshop for Teens: Poetry & Justice

Literary Cleveland
Jul 16, 2021 - Jul 23, 2021 12 noon - 1 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
This workshop explores how to write poetry rooted in activism that is persuasive rather than alienating. Effective political poetry requires more than an opinionated stance; thoughtfulness, accuracy, and authenticity are also necessary to win over readers.

To understand this balance, we will study overtly political work such as Lucille Clifton and Danez Smith alongside more gentle poems of social change by Ross Gay and Joy Harjo in order to generate our own poems of justice.

Chlorophyll Process Workshop

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 17, 2021 11 AM - 1 PM | Cleveland Print Room | Community, Hone Your Craft
The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process akin to the anthotype process. However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly onto the surface of leaves using a positive.

In this workshop, students will learn how to create images using the natural organic properties of flora found in their own backyard.

All materials included in the workshop. Please note that the process will be started at the print room and development will be completes at home. Students will be emailed ahead of time to provide an image to be used during the workshop.

Image is an example of this process by instructor Samantha Bias.

Register here:

From Dream to Reality: Publishing a Debut Novel

Literary Cleveland
Jul 17, 2021 10-11:30 a.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Authors Nancy Johnson, Eman Quotah, Laura Maylene Walter, and E. Lily Yu discuss how they came to publish their debut novels in 2021. Panelists will offer insight surrounding the writing and revision process; working with agents and editors; the highlights and challenges of the publication experience; debuting during a pandemic; lessons learned along the way; and practical advice for aspiring writers.

Witness: Reclaiming Our Stories for Connection

Literary Cleveland
Jul 18, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021 1-4 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Today’s current political, cultural and social environments are wrought with anxiety, fear, and polarization. As minority communities, we mostly live within a larger narrative created by others often with few places to explore, find and share our voice.

In this two-part workshop for anyone who is a member of a historically marginalized or oppressed community, we will use the Radical Engagement / Get Empathy storytelling process to dismantle the dominant narrative structures that limit the validation, telling and listening to these stories.

The goals of the Witness: Reclaiming Our Stories for Connection workshop are to:
-Provide space and a structured opportunity for individuals to create coherent narratives of their challenges.
-Dismantle the dominant narrative structures that separate ourselves from our own stories while increasing our capacity to include diverse perspectives and experiences within our communities.
-Build Bridges through the use of resonance practice to solicit support and understanding while building deep empathy.
-Empower the community to share the leadership by building solidarity and resilience.

Ethical Representation in Writing

Literary Cleveland
Jul 18, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Community
We all want to make our literature diverse and inclusive. But how do we ethically write about identities that we do not belong to? This panel explores how to create diverse representation without stealing the spotlight away from other authors that belong to those underrepresented groups. Writer Quartez Harris, illustrator Julia Kuo, nonfiction author and DEI leader Dr. Deborah L. Plummer, and author Abby L. Vandiver will discuss ethical boundaries in different genres and identity groups.

Convictions: Creative Writing/Performing Workshops in Prison

Literary Cleveland
Jul 19, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Community, Hone Your Craft
For Convictions: Creative Writing/Performing Workshops in Prison, the panelists will share their experiences in leading creative writing and performing in prison programs throughout the U.S. and especially Ohio. They will inform the audience of opportunities for writers to work and volunteer as creative writers as programming begins to open post-Covid. They will also address questions on what writers might avoid, and what they might learn for their own writing. Most of all, they may, in the words of panelist Phyllis Gorfain, help incarcerated residents “transform their lives as they seek to redeem their pasts and remake their futures.”

Creating Characters For The Stage, Screen, & VO Booth with Kat Palardy

Imposters Theater
Jul 20, 2021 6:30-9:30 p.m. | Forest City Brewery - 2135 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113 | Hone Your Craft
LA-based character comedian and actor Kat Palardy will help you build a character that opens doors! We'll warm up our bodies and souls and do some journal prompts, interviews and scenes with each other to find a strong physicality, point of view, and world for your character - one that you have worked on before, or just discovered - to live in! We'll find the funny, and lean into and heighten that!

There will also be time set aside for a Q&A on tv/animation acting in LA.

No prior experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and create.

To ensure everyone has a full and safe experience, they ask that you are fully vaccinated. Thank you for understanding.

How to Research

Literary Cleveland
Jul 20, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
In this workshop, you'll learn all the skills you need to research non-fiction, look up information for your next novel, and even how to find the truth behind a suspicious social media post.

In this primer on researching, we'll cover:
-Beyond the Google search: Google Books and Ngram viewer
-How to find primary sources and when to trust secondary sources.
-How to access academic articles and scientific studies (and why you should).
-How to research historical figures using and Newspaper databases.
-When you need to go to the library/archive (and when you don’t).
-The importance of research experiences - go touch a thing, see a thing, and do a thing.

We'll practice analyzing sources throughout class and there will be plenty of time for Q&A!

Eyes of the Editor: Inside the Book Business

Literary Cleveland
Jul 21, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Community, Hone Your Craft
Discover the behind-the-scenes of publishing with some of the business’s hottest editors. Editors Angela Kim (Berkley), Kate Napolitano (Dey Street), Nadxieli Nieto (Flatiron Books), Shannon Jamieson Vazquez (Little,Brown), will share what they do, what they’re seeking, the state of the industry, and how books come to be. Brave participants are encouraged to send in the first paragraphs of their novels or non-fiction manuscripts for brief editor feedback. Moderated by Literary Cleveland Board President Brandi Larsen.

*Optional: Attendees may submit the first paragraph and up-to-one-paragraph synopsis of their novel or non-fiction manuscript by JULY 15. Submissions will be read aloud at the event. They will do their best to discuss as many submissions as possible during the event but can't guarantee we'll get to every page. Please note: submission is for personal growth and feedback only and does not denote editor acceptance, request, or publication.

Intro To The Darkroom Process

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 22, 2021 6 PM - 9 PM | Cleveland Print Room | Community, Hone Your Craft
This class is for anyone who wants to be more confident in the darkroom. Learn how to hand-process and print B&W film. Perfect for those who would like a refresher course after a long absence from the darkroom, or for those new to the process.

The session will cover B&W film developing and printing contact sheets of the negatives, plus printing photos from negatives in the darkroom.

Students should bring TWO rolls of shot standard B&W film to the class -- preferably 24-exposure rolls of the same 35mm film.

Students will also need to bring a package of photographic paper.

Cost for this course, limited to 8 participants, is: $70 CPR Members, $80 Non-Members

Register here:

Teen Book Launch & Open Mic with Lake Erie Ink

Literary Cleveland
Jul 22, 2021 7-8:30 p.m. | Zoom | Community, Hone Your Craft
What's on the other side? Find out at the anthology release party for Lake Erie Ink’s 5th teen writing anthology, On the Other Side. Teen contributors will share poetry, fiction, personal stories, and art and editors will share their experiences about putting it all together. Teen open mic to follow.

Creative Risks: A Conversation with Viet Thanh Nguyen & Thrity Umrigar

Literary Cleveland
Jul 23, 2021 7-8 p.m. | Zoom | Community
In this discussion between Pulitzer Prize-winner Viet Thanh Nguyen and best-selling author Thrity Umrigar, we will explore the risks of creativity and creation, whether it is experimenting with a new genre or form, engaging personal or political material, fighting to dismantle systems of oppression, or co-writing a children's book with your son. From Viet Thanh Nguyen's most recent work, The Committed, to Thrity Umrigar's forthcoming novel Honor, to both authors' published children's books, we will explore the intersections of their writing and learn why creativity is a risk we should take.

Advanced Darkroom Techniques

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 24, 2021 12 PM - 3 PM | Cleveland Print Room | Community, Hone Your Craft
Saturday, July 24, Noon-3pm

The darkroom is an important part of your creative toolbox as a photographer. In this black and white workshop, we will cover the creative use of contrast filters, burning and dodging techniques, signature open frame printing as well as making some of our own printing tools. Arrive with developed negatives (35 or medium format) and printing paper of choice (fiber or RC) and leave with beautiful, finished prints! Minimal darkroom experience preferred, but not required. Students will leave class with instructional worksheets and tools to continue working independently.

Masks are required. Limited to 7 students.

Register here:

Solutions Journalism: Seeking to Tell the Whole Story

Literary Cleveland
Jul 24, 2021 10-11:30 a.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
In the last year, the local journalism landscape in Cleveland has undergone a major shift. The loss of Plain Dealer union jobs and birth of new projects including The Land, Cleveland Documenters, The Cleveland Observer and more have reinvented how news is reported, framed, and distributed locally. Central to this new landscape is the Northeast Ohio Solutions Journalism Collaborative, a collection of 22 partner newsrooms in Greater Cleveland "passionate about news and information, amplifying the voices of those often unheard, and changing the narrative about our communities."

But what is solutions journalism, what makes it unique, how is it being implemented in Cleveland, and what does it mean for the future of journalism and of our city?

The participants in this panel will discuss how solutions journalism provides a balanced, complete look at a story. They will address the best research, reporting, and interviewing techniques and how journalists incorporate those components into a well-structured, well-written article. And they will discuss how the approach is being applied in publications locally and nationally to "tell stories that lift up ways to solve issues that plague our communities and change the conversation about what’s possible."

How Storytelling Can Lead to Social Change

Literary Cleveland
Jul 25, 2021 3-4:30 p.m. | Zoom | Hone Your Craft
Using personal narratives as a catalyst for collective social impact, Asian American creatives and change-makers from OPAWL - Building AAPI Feminist Leadership and OBG - will share innovative, disruptive, movement building projects that re-write and challenge the dominant cultural narratives that shape our world.

Centering the voices of women and gender expansive leaders, activists, artists, educators, and writers Emily Hanako Momohara, Dr. Naazneen Diwan, Fariha Tayyab, and moderator Jing Lauengco, this powerful panel explores the practices of AAPI creativity, intersectionality, grassroots community organizing, and resilience that uplift immigrant stories to create social and political change.

Inlet’s Kids Matinee Performance at Cain Park

Inlet Dance Theatre
Jul 30, 2021 1 PM | Cain Park Evans Amphitheater in Cleveland Heights | Community
FREE for all ages who are interested in a sneak peek performance of the dance training and techniques learned in Inlet’s Summer Dance Intensive ’21! Families, daycare groups & summer camps are all welcome to attend; no tickets are needed for admission.

Inlet Dance Theatre at Cain Park Amphitheatre

Inlet Dance Theatre
Jul 31, 2021 8 PM | Cain Park Evans Amphitheater in Cleveland Heights | Community
Inlet Dance Theatre celebrates their 20th Anniversary performance at Cain Park!

Inlet company dancers perform repertory and premiere a new work, Hiding and Revealing, in a concert featuring other new works with dancers in the Inlet Summer Dance Intensive and the Inlet Trainee & Apprentice Program.

Inlet Dance Theatre is one of the region’s most exciting professional contemporary dance companies. Founded in 2001 by Founder and Executive/Artistic Director Bill Wade, Inlet embodies his longstanding belief that dance viewing, training, and performing experiences may serve as tools to bring about personal growth and development. Inlet’s collaborative artistic staff build the company’s solid reputation for uplifting individuals and engaging new audiences via performances and education programming.

Over their history, they have transformed from a small dance company with local impact into a celebrated organization that impacts people on an international level. Their core strengths reside equally in performance and education. Whether performing at local venues or conducting regional residencies or international exchanges, Inlet continues to inspire, educate, and innovate – all with the vision that dance can further people.

Admission: FREE!

Chlorophyll Process Workshop

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 31, 2021 11 AM - 1 PM | Cleveland Print Room | Community, Hone Your Craft
The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process akin to the anthotype process. However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly onto the surface of leaves using a positive.

In this workshop, students will learn how to create images using the natural organic properties of flora found in their own backyard.

All materials included in the workshop. Please note that the process will be started at the print room and development will be completes at home. Students will be emailed ahead of time to provide an image to be used during the workshop.

Image is an example of this process by instructor Samantha Bias.

Register here:

Camera Enlightenment

Cleveland Print Room
Jul 31, 2021 11 AM - 3 PM | Cleveland Print Room | Community, Hone Your Craft
Sign up for a 25 minute time slot to receive personalized assistance to better understand your camera- functions, accessories, best use and technique!

Do you have a new camera that you want to learn how to use? Could you improve your understanding of your camera? Inherit an oldie from an uncle, and want to see how it could work? Do you have a camera that really interests you, but you don't know quite how to use it? Sign up for a time slot at CPR's Camera Enlightenment!

$25 for one 25 minute session. Please come to your selected session on-time and ready to go!

Register here: