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Classes, Workshops and Events

The Creative Compass event calendar is focused on events geared toward individual artists. For a list of public arts and culture events in Cleveland, visit


April 2019


CLE-ative Groove: A 12-Week Artist's Way Journey

Feb 05, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019 7-9:30 p.m. | The Green House, 20150 Lakeshore Boulevard, Euclid, OH 44123 | Hone Your Craft
Maybe you’re a devotee of the Artist’s Way, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before but are intrigued by Julia Cameron’s best-selling book. Here’s the good news: the Artist’s Way isn't just for artists. It's for everyone—from working creatives to closet people just looking to make a shift in their lives.

Join in for a 12-week course at The Green House in Euclid, where you’ll go through a series of interactive, insightful exercises and tools for making creative breakthroughs. CLEative Groove: A 12-Week Artist’s Way Journey can help you:

• Push past perfectionism
• Kickstart your art
• Spark your side hustle
• Make a personal or professional breakthrough
• Reinvent your relationship with your inner critic
• Connect with other Clevelanders who want to live creatively
• Engage in self-care + self-discovery
• Or any combination of the above!

Dates are every Tuesday from February 5 - April 30 (with one off week on March 5) from 7-9:30 p.m. Come get inspired, energized, and back into the CLE-ative groove!

'In the Square' at 200 Public Square

JoAnn DePolo Studio & Gallery
Feb 11, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019 | 200 Public Square Cleveland Ohio 44114 | Community
An exciting new exhibit by local artist JoAnn DePolo is coming to 200 Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The exhibit titled ‘In the Square’ features recent works by DePolo ranging from conceptual abstract paintings to vibrant scenes of Cleveland. The exhibit includes a selection of paintings from “Display the Music” which is inspired by original orchestral music composed by her twin sons, Jared and Andrew DePolo. The Display the Music collection combines visual and musical art forms as sound is captured in multihued layers of paint.

Black Out: A Sensory Experience

City of Cleveland
Mar 09, 2019 - Apr 05, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm | 8997 Highland Drive Brecksville Ohio 44141 | Community
Join the artist Samantha Bias in an unforgettable gallery experience that will be sure to excite all of your senses.

ON DISPLAY - large watercolor frescoes and small couplets in black and white with color splash. Lighting will be at a minimum but artwork will be illuminated.

SENSORY ROOM - will excite all of your senses. You may interact with the display. Touch, taste, sight, sound for your entertainment.

LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS - there will be a silent auction for vintage style glass lockets with black and white paintings on the glass. Bidder has the option of choosing the glass color of over 50 colors to choose from. The artist will be demonstrating the glass staining during the exhibition.

FREE to the public, food & wine will be served.

Mastering the Basics of Storytelling

Literary Cleveland
Mar 12, 2019 - Apr 02, 2019 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. | Siegal Lifelong Learning, 25700 Science Park Dr #100, Beachwood OH 44122 | Hone Your Craft
Are you eager to test the waters of creative writing but not sure where to start, or how? Have you written previously but been away for a while and hope to dip back in? This introductory fiction workshop is designed to help beginning writers take their skills to the next level. We will focus on specific craft elements like setting, character, dialogue, description, and plot. Manuscripts are critiqued by your peers in a highly supportive workshop environment. You will learn how to create stronger scenes and write more evocative prose with a greater appeal to the senses. This workshop will also help you pinpoint areas needing revision, as well as provide you with tools to become your own best editor.

Test Flight 2019

Cleveland Public Theatre
Mar 21, 2019 - Apr 20, 2019 7:00 PM | Cleveland Public Theatre, 6415 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102 | Community
Test Flight is a multi-week series that showcases new work on its way to full production. Test Flight provides both local and national artists with the keys to the theatre and the opportunity to co-produce original works-in-progress. The series encourages risk-taking and an entrepreneurial spirit towards creating new work while offering artists a structured support system. Tickets: $10-15


Cleveland Public Theatre
Mar 23, 2019 - Apr 13, 2019 7:30 PM | Cleveland Public Theatre, 6415 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102 | Community
In Branden Jacobs-Jenkins GLORIA, a group of bickering editorial assistants at a prestigious magazine are chasing the dream: a book deal before they turn 30 and a shot at fame, when an ordinary day at the office becomes a living nightmare. The stakes for who gets the story skyrocket when crisis offers an opportunity for a career-defining moment. Inside America’s media machine, who has the right to tell whose story? Simultaneously funny and shocking, GLORIA is an adrenaline rush of a show skewering the opportunistic culture of modern media. Tickets: $15-35.

Tiny Houses

Cleveland Play House
Mar 23, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM | Outcalt Theatre | Community
Tiny homes are all the rage! Cath is ready for a big change. She quits her lucrative, fast paced job in finance and moves across the country with her boyfriend to build a 200-square-foot tiny house. Turns out that choosing a simpler life can get very complicated. Filled with lovable, idiosyncratic characters each on a quest to find a place to call home, Tiny Houses is a surprising world premiere comedy about what happens when the world shrinks.

The Velocity of Autumn

Karamu House
Mar 28, 2019 - Apr 21, 2019 7:30 pm and 3:00 pm - 9:30 pm and 5:00 pm | Karamu House 2355 E. 89th Street Cleveland, OH 44106 | Community
written by ERIC COBLE
director NATHAN A. LILLY

80-year-old Alexandra finds herself in a showdown with her family over where she should spend her golden years. Armed with enough Molotov cocktails to take out the entire neighborhood, she is determined to remain in her Brooklyn any means necessary. Wonderfully touching and wickedly funny, this story touches on a sobering dilemma faced by families every day.

Writing the Short Story: Character, Plot, and Conflict

Literary Cleveland
Apr 01, 2019 - Apr 15, 2019 10 a.m. - noon | Siegal Lifelong Learning, 25700 Science Park, Drive #100, Beachwood OH 44122 | Hone Your Craft
In this introduction to writing the short story, you will learn the basic elements of good storytelling: character, plot, and conflict. Every class meeting is conducted as a workshop, devoted to the development of the students’ own stories. We will “brainstorm” our way through storytelling snags, figuring out along the way how to strengthen your original idea. What makes a good story? What makes a character worth writing about? How do you transform your story idea into an actual plot? What’s conflict got to do with it? Come to the first class ready to share your idea for a main character plus one or two important things that happen to him/her. Class time will be set aside to work on your story — be sure to bring paper, pen, or tablet.

Developing a Writing Habit

Literary Cleveland
Apr 03, 2019 - May 01, 2019 10 a.m. - noon | Siegal Lifelong Learning, 25700 Science Park Drive #100, Beachwood OH 44122 | Hone Your Craft
Showing up to write isn’t half the battle – it is the battle. This class will help you develop writing habits that will boost your confidence, help you find your "voice," and keep your writing process in motion. We’ll investigate ways to playfully expand the imagination and increase creative output as well as work with prompts that will help inspire specific writing projects, and most importantly generate new work. Participants will leave with a tool kit to keep the writing flowing. Open to writers of all levels.


CSU Theatre & Dance Dept
Apr 04, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019 Thurs-Sat 7:30pm; Sun 2pm | The Helen Rosenfeld Lewis Bialosky Lab Theatre | Community
Presented by CSU Dept of Theatre and Dance
The Helen - Allen Theatre Complex @ Playhouse Square
Tickets $5-$15
04/05/18 - $25 Dinner and a Show Night by pre-reservation only.

The final theatre production of the season is the North American premiere of TREE OF OEDIPUS. This new play developed by the Idea Theatre in Athens is having its American and English language premiere at the CSU Department of Theatre and Dance. It follows the lineage of Oedipus, from Cadmus, the first man and founder of Thebes, through the story of Oedipus' fall and redemption, to the deadly civil war between his sons, and the final battle between Creon and Antigone. Compiled from several ancient Greek tragedies, including The Phoenicians, Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, and Seven Against Thebes, this sweeping story is told by an ensemble of actors through classical acting, song, dance, vaudeville, clowning, acrobatics, and combat which combine into an exciting theatrical explosion.

English translation by current CSU Theatre major Christina Katsaras. Directed by Dr. Michael Mauldin. Created By Team IDEA (Kostas Gakis, Konstantinos Bibis, Athina Moustaka).

Tickets will go on sale July 1, 2018

Real Talk: Finding a Literary Agent

Literary Cleveland
Apr 04, 2019 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. | Loganberry Books, 13015 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland OH 44120 | Hone Your Craft
Authors Huda Al-Marashi and Laura Maylene Walter share their experiences searching for, signing with, and working with their literary agents, all while offering practical tips for writers currently on the agent hunt. With years of querying experience between them, Huda and Laura will discuss the challenges of finding an agent in today’s publishing landscape, why having an agent is important (or why it might not be), querying etiquette, and what writers can expect from the agent-author relationship. Optional: Attendees may bring a hard copy of their query letter (limited to one page) for the chance to workshop, time permitting. Queries will be chosen for discussion via random lottery.

Les Délices The Elements

Les Delices
Apr 05, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM | Holy Trinity Lutheran Church | 50 N. Prospect St, Akron OH 44304 | Community
Nature-inspired music from the 18th & 21st centuries including Rebel’s fiery The Elements and a world premiere for period instruments by composer Theo Chandler.
Concert Tickets:
In Advance: $25-$35
At the Door: $30 | $25 Seniors | $5 Students

MakerX The Columbus Maker Expo

MakerX Planning Committee
Apr 06, 2019 10 am - 5 pm | Ohio Expo Center | Community, Hone Your Craft
MakerX The Columbus Maker Expo is a festival of digital design and creation. Artists/performers working in any digital medium are welcome to apply for a free exhibition/performance space at MakerX, which will take place on April 6, 2019 in Columbus. Accepted artists must be present at the event. Sales are permitted with no fees.

Les Délices The Elements

Les Delices
Apr 06, 2019 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM | Lakewood Congregational Church | 1375 W. Clifton Blvd, Lakewood OH 44107 | Community
Nature-inspired music from the 18th & 21st centuries including Rebel’s fiery The Elements and a world premiere for period instruments by composer Theo Chandler.
Concert Tickets:
In Advance: $25-$35
At the Door: $30 | $25 Seniors | $5 Students


Les Delices
Apr 06, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM | BOP STOP | 2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland OH 44113 | Community
What do water, wind, earth, and fire sound like when expressed by Baroque composers? Join us to learn about Baroque instruments and listen to how Mother Nature inspired the sounds of fearsome storms, radiant sunshine, grounded earth, and howling winds!
Concert Tickets
Free—Registration Recommended

The Art of the Short Story: Beginning Fiction Writing

Literary Cleveland
Apr 06, 2019 - Apr 27, 2019 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. | Mac's Backs Books on Coventry, 1820 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights OH 44118 | Hone Your Craft
Author Annie Proulx (Brokeback Mountain) said, “You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page.” In this workshop for emerging fiction writers, we’ll complete writing exercises to help you shape your story, and discuss the elements of fiction, such as point-of-view, plot, setting, character and dialogue. Over the course of four sessions, we’ll write and workshop your story (or story-in-progress) in a creative and supportive environment.

Brush Making Workshop with Troy Bungart

Gina DeSantis Ceramics
Apr 06, 2019 - Apr 06, 2019 10AM-4PM | 13000 Athens Ave Ste C323, Lakewood, OH 44107 | Community, Hone Your Craft
Saturday, April 6, 2019. 10am-4pm. With visiting artist Troy Bungart. Space is limited so please register in advance. 15 spaces remain!

An Introduction to Making Quality Handmade Paintbrushes: Contemporary brush maker Troy Bungart brings his basic Brushmaking Workshop to the Gina DeSantis Studio. Discover how one-of-a-kind brushes can make distinctive marks that aid artistic expression. Consider the aesthetics of tools as art that inspires art. Learn to make brush heads from a variety of hair and fiber then set them into bamboo ferrules and handles. Play with slip and a variety of brushes to expand your mark-making vocabulary.

Troy starts the workshop with a slide lecture and demonstrations. The remaining hours are a hands-on workshop during which Troy oversees and answers questions while participants make their own handmade paintbrushes and try them out to discover the marks they make.

Bring your own eye and ear protection.
Optional: bring a few pieces of plainly glazed ware if you wish to sample-fit marks to your work using wash-off clay slip.
Also optional: bring some found or favorite embellishments to give your brushes an individual vibe.
The studio will provide coffee and bagels for breakfast. They will host a potluck for lunch. Feel free to bring something to share or pack a light lunch.

Les Délices The Elements

Les Delices
Apr 07, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM | Plymouth Church UCC | 2860 Coventry Rd, Shaker Heights OH 44120 | Community
Nature-inspired music from the 18th & 21st centuries including Rebel’s fiery The Elements and a world premiere for period instruments by composer Theo Chandler.
Concert Tickets:
In Advance: $25-$35
At the Door: $30 | $25 Seniors | $5 Students

Using Musical Prompts to Write Poetry

Literary Cleveland
Apr 09, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. | Larchmere Arts, 12726 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland OH 44120 | Hone Your Craft
Ekprhrasis, a Greek word meaning "description", usually applies to a marriage of visual art and poetry. What happens when music is used as a prompt to create poetry? This course will challenge writers to compose poetry inspired by music and musicians who choose to take the course to compose music intended to inspire words. This ekphrastic approach will serve as a catalyst for creatives to stretch the boundaries of their craft. It will motivate participants to write relevant poems that address social, cultural, and political topics, as well as introspective works, inspired by live and pre-recorded instrumental music.

What I Want to Say: Writing Personal Essays and Memoir

Literary Cleveland
Apr 11, 2019 - May 02, 2019 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. | TBA | Hone Your Craft
Learn how to mine your life experiences for their stories and earned wisdom. The first two sessions will include instruction, interaction and in-class writing to generate the seeds of drafts. The last two sessions will offer respectful, productive feedback on a work in progress from each participant. Writers of all experience levels are welcome. Please plan to attend all four sessions.

Writing Tight: Short Essays

Literary Cleveland
Apr 13, 2019 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Council Gardens, 2501 North Taylor Road, Cleveland Heights OH 44118 | Hone Your Craft
This workshop is designed for writers (at all levels) who want to develop new work and to explore the forms of memoir vignettes and personal essays for the purpose of storytelling through print. We will examine the structure of effective memoirs and essays in the short form (under 800 words), generate drafts based on a variety of writing prompts, and hone those drafts based on class feedback and personal reflection.

Teacher Workshops

Cleveland Institute of Art
Apr 20, 2019 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Cleveland Institute of Art | Hone Your Craft
Reconnect with your artistic side and develop new techniques and perspectives that you can take back to the classroom. Cleveland Institute of Art's teacher workshops are led by professional artists and designers.

Earn CEU credits, network with other art educators, and enhance your skills in digital arts, craft, design, and fine arts. Teacher workshops take place on a Saturday in the fall and spring of each academic year.

Teacher Workshop participants may receive one graduate workshop credit, in place of a CEU certificate, by completing an additional registration and research/writing assignment through Ursuline College. The cost to register for the graduate workshop credit is $140. More information will be sent via email upon receipt of your workshop registration. Please contact our office at or 216.421.7460 with any questions.

Native Gardens

Cleveland Play House
Apr 27, 2019 - May 19, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Allen Theatre | Community
They say good fences make good neighbors, but that’s the not the case with the Del Valles and the Butleys. What starts out as a squabble over a backyard property line hilariously erupts into a full-blown border dispute. Native Gardens comically unearths deeply-rooted assumptions, plants the seeds for understanding, and blossoms into colorful, thought-provoking entertainment.