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Classes, Workshops and Events

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July 2019


Inlet Dance Theatre's Summer Dance Intensive

Inlet Dance Theatre
Jun 26, 2019 - Jul 27, 2019 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM | Playhouse Square, Downtown Cleveland | Hone Your Craft
Inlet's longstanding summer dance intensive program for ages 12-adult focuses on creating a supportive community of dancers, exposing students to the collaborative dance-making process and increasing technical and performance skills.
Inlet’s annual Summer Dance Intensive (SDI) is the perhaps the best example of the company’s mission of “using dance to further people”. Students of various ages, races, skill sets and socio-economic backgrounds travel to Cleveland from international & regional locations to learn about dance, alongside local talent. The award-winning Inlet educational model is renowned for instilling lessons in teamwork, trust, respect, empathy, self-discipline, social interaction and self-confidence within students. During the 4.5 week program, Inlet SDI students not only receive premier training in dance technique and performance, but also discover a period of personal growth and character development.

Curriculum includes: Modern dance technique classes (Erick Hawkins release-based technique), Pilobolus-based nontraditional partnering, performance improvisation, and a collaborative choreographic process (the dance-making process that Inlet employs).
Program culminates in performances at Cain Park Evans Amphitheater (Cleveland Heights, OH), where students will premiere an ensemble piece, an all-male or all-female piece, as well as performing a live improvisation alongside the company.

SDI Faculty: Faculty for the Summer Dance Intensive is comprised of the professional dancers and instructors of Inlet Dance Theatre, including Founder and Executive/Artistic Director Bill Wade. To learn more about the Company, please visit

Schedule (Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 4:00pm). Students will be divided into groups based on age and technical ability.

*Sample Day*
9-10:30am: Technique Class, 10:30am-12pm New Work Rehearsal, 12-12:45pm: Lunch Break, 1-2pm: New Work Rehearsal, 2-3pm: Improvisation, 3-4pm: Nontraditional Partnering

Oberlin Dance Intensive Summer 2019

Neos Dance Theatre
Jul 07, 2019 - Jul 13, 2019 | Neos Dance Theate | Hone Your Craft
This July, Oberlin Dance Intensive returns for a fifth summer workshop. This program welcomes dancers ages 13 -18 to join current students and faculty in the Oberlin College Dance Studios. Introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered in a wide variety of styles.

Daily classes include:
Ballet with Visiting Instructor Bobby Wesner and the dancers of Neos Dance Theatre
Contemporary dance with Visiting Assistant Professor Holly Handman-Lopez.

In addition, regular workshops from Oberlin faculty and students include: Contact Improvisation, Improvisation and Composition, Wellness for Dancers, Hip-Hop, Repertoire from the dancers of Neos Dance Theatre And More!
Along with a week of intensive study you’ll also enjoy a night out to see Oberlin Summer Theatre Festival, an outdoor concert in beautiful Tappan Square featuring Neos Dance Theatre, and many other activities.

For more information contact: Gwen L. Feldman,, (440) 252-2779

Taste Of Cultura • Latino Makers Exposition

La Cosecha Galeria
Jul 18, 2019 - Jul 21, 2019 5:00 PM | Michael J. Zone, 6301 Lorain Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44102 | Community
Taste Of Cultura • Latino Makers Exposition
Art ● Culture ● Music ● Performances ● Cuisine ● Spirit ● Free

Info: Festival Latino Internacional is proud to present its annual celebration, this year themed “Taste of Cultura” a Latino Makers Exposition, an event which will take place over the course four days. Dates of Thursday, July 18th, Friday, July 19th, Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st located at Micheal J. Zone, 6301 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.

Hispanic immigrant families have become important and respected members of the flourishing creative industry. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans Cubans, Chilean and the many others of Latino descent have all played a part in the growth of the arts, crafts and makers industry in the United States. While their stories may differ, the extraordinary work ethic of these Hispanic entrepreneurs is shown by their success. Moreover, while most of these makers first learned about the creative industry through their cultural eyes, they often expanded their knowledge with the introduction of the diverse melting pot of our country. Without the contributions of these Hispanic artists, craftsman, chefs, makers, business owners and other equally distinguished creative endeavors of Latino origin, the world might not be as bright and vivid as it is today.

In an ongoing effort to support each other, several organizations have become collaborators to bring forth light and a heritage identity upon the local arts and cultural scene. It's the individual effort of everybody working together towards a collective goal that causes real, effective change in the world. We welcome the entire community to come enjoy our art, music, performances, cuisine and spirits!!

Sponsors: 88.3 FM La Nueva Mia, La Cosecha Galeria, Six Sigma Solutions LLC, Club Alma Yuacano, San Lorenzo Social Club, Club Azteca, Belinda’s Nightclub, Vocero Latino Newspaper, El Sol Newspaper, Cleveland Arts & Culture Magazine, and 87.7 FM La Mega.

This is NOT About My Dead Dog

Playwrights Local
Jul 25, 2019 - Jul 27, 2019 | Idea Center at Playhouse Square | Community
BorderLight International Theatre + Fringe Festival Presents
Playwrights Local, The Return of the 2017 Hit One-Woman Show
This is NOT About My Dead Dog - Written and performed by Amy Schwabauer, Directed by Dale Heinen
PERFORMANCES: Thursday, July 25 at 7:30 pm, Friday, July 26 at 6:00 pm, Saturday, July 27 at 5:00 pm
TICKETS: $12 All Seats | General Admission - Available via or

Show Page:
BorderLight Festival:
Playwrights Local:

Shadow of the Run Chapter 1: WanderLust

Shadow of the Run LLC
Jul 25, 2019 - Aug 04, 2019 | Bedford Historical Society | Hone Your Craft
Prosperity. Joy. Ambition. Regret. In a time where family was one’s true north, with the Great Depression looming, a wave of discontent rushed over the city. Ambition can lead to desperation; regret can lead to death. A young girl is ready to leave home for the big city, despite strangling words of caution from a family that can’t, or won’t understand her.

With a chance to find a brighter path…she finds him instead – the origin of a heartbreaking legacy that will stain the city of Cleveland for years to come.

Shadow of the Run was conceived in December 2015 by Beth McGee and Adam Kern. In January 2016 the project was awarded a $1,000 grant as an audience favorite from Notre Dame College’s SEAChange Program, prior to appearing in the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Accelerate Competition in February of the same year. With the addition of co-creators and partners Ben Needham and Christine Woods, the team began to develop a full scale immersive. With initial support from Joe and Anthony Russo, the team continued development to find the right opportunity to bring Immersive to the city of Cleveland. As implied in the title Chapter 1: WanderLust is the first part of a larger production, aimed for a 2020 opening.