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Making Your Life As An Artist

Making Your Life As An Artist

Aug 06, 2018
Location: Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, 5403 Detroit Ave., Cleveland OH 44102
Categories: Hone Your Craft
If you are a Cleveland artist or maker within any form or discipline, we invite you to join Maelstrom Collaborative Arts in forming a microcosmic artist community that addresses the major questions laid out in Artists U's nationally acclaimed "Making Your Life as an Artist" book and workbook. Each session is FREE and will include group, partner or individual check-ins, writing and thought exercises, discussion, and direction for out-of-session extension activities centered around ideas like:

Why artists are poor and why we shouldn’t be.
The crucial role artists play in culture, and why it’s often under-valued.
Tools and principles artists have used to thrive.
Why artists already have the skills needed to make balanced, sustainable lives.
Books and Workbooks are FREE by PDF download at