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Shadow of the Run Chapter 1: WanderLust

Shadow of the Run Chapter 1: WanderLust

Jul 25, 2019
Location: Bedford Historical Society
Categories: Hone Your Craft
Prosperity. Joy. Ambition. Regret. In a time where family was one’s true north, with the Great Depression looming, a wave of discontent rushed over the city. Ambition can lead to desperation; regret can lead to death. A young girl is ready to leave home for the big city, despite strangling words of caution from a family that can’t, or won’t understand her.

With a chance to find a brighter path…she finds him instead – the origin of a heartbreaking legacy that will stain the city of Cleveland for years to come.

Shadow of the Run was conceived in December 2015 by Beth McGee and Adam Kern. In January 2016 the project was awarded a $1,000 grant as an audience favorite from Notre Dame College’s SEAChange Program, prior to appearing in the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Accelerate Competition in February of the same year. With the addition of co-creators and partners Ben Needham and Christine Woods, the team began to develop a full scale immersive. With initial support from Joe and Anthony Russo, the team continued development to find the right opportunity to bring Immersive to the city of Cleveland. As implied in the title Chapter 1: WanderLust is the first part of a larger production, aimed for a 2020 opening.