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Supporting Young Voters: Youth Speak Out

Supporting Young Voters: Youth Speak Out

Sep 12, 2019 2-3 p.m.
Location: Online
Categories: Community
Young voters have long had the lowest turnout rates in election after election. While many people may chalk up disparities to youth being less interested in civic engagement, there are actually many more factors at play. Campaigns, driven by win or lose, time bound agendas, contact young voters less frequently precisely because they lack a voting history. Young people are more likely to change residences each year, meaning they need to updated their registration more frequently. Limited civic education and a lack of trust in government also contributes to low turnout.

But nonprofits are trusted messengers that can support young voters as they navigate complicated registration processes and dispel common misconceptions about eligibility and the voting process. On September 12th, members of Opportunity Youth United and staff from CIRCLE will share the findings from a youth-led study that resulted in a list of 10 recommendations for how to make voting a more accessible, positive experience for youth.

This webinar will be recorded and sent to everyone who registers.