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Home Repair Loan Program

CASH’s Home Improvement Loan Program will assist you by - Securing a low-interest loan from reputable lenders. CASH will help you attain a fixed low rate for up to 12 years. A mortgage will be placed on your property to secure the loan. CASH does not put limits on income or loan limit, as all credit decisions are based upon your ability to pay...

Cuyahoga County Microenterprise Loan Program

The Cuyahoga County Microenterprise Loan Program is designed to provide access to capital and technical counseling to aspiring new business owners finding it difficult to obtain traditional financing.

Instrument Loans

NoteWorthy FCU specialty loans for musical instruments-new & vintage & audio equipment

CAP Loan (Creative Arts Project)

Creative Arts Project loans

Bridge loan financing

Prestige Capital Corporation provides factoring services for small and mid-size companies. Prestige Capital Corporation has helped many early stage and mid-size companies grow or turn around their businesses by providing cash advances, converting accounts receivable into immediate working capital.

Interest Free Loans - Standard Loans

The Hebrew Free Loan Assocation (non-sectarian) lends money interest free to responsible individuals in need.

Advantage Plus Loan Program (City of Euclid Only - Home Purchases)

With the preferences set up for potential owner-occupant buyers through Cuyahoga Land Bank's Owner Occupant Buyer Advantage Program (OOBAP), there are still financial barriers that make purchasing a home to renovate difficult for some buyers. Currently, OOBAP participants are required to provide proof of funds to cover the acquisition, renovation costs, and a 10% renovation cost reserve of the property they purchase; the Advantage Plus Loan Program helps address this financial challenge. 

AAWR Corporate Art Loan

The Corporate Art Loan Program of AAWR is a membership and sponsorship feature that offers Cleveland area companies many rewarding benefits in exchange for annual financial support of AAWR and its mission of preserving this region’s art.