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Interest Free Loans - HFLA

Maximum loan amount: $12,000

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Disciplines:Not Discipline Specific

Organization: Hebrew Free Loan Association

Description: The Hebrew Free Loan Assocation (non-sectarian) lends money interest free to responsible individuals in need. They do not require a specific income level; however all loan applicants must have a co-signer.

A successful loan applicant is one who: Can demonstrate a genuine need; has been unable to receive a loan from a conventional source; will be able to repay the loan in monthly installments beginning immediately following the granting of the loan; has one or more suitable co-signers.

Loans are given for Family Expenses; (i.e., funerals, weddings, family life-cycle events, divorce related costs, childcare, etc.); Home (i.e. bills, mortgage, roof, furnace, plumbing, driveway, sidewalk, furniture, storm or fire damage, etc.); Education (i.e., tuition, fees, books, supplies, career training, certification courses. uniforms, college and graduate school assistance, etc.); Work (i.e., transportation or new business expenses); Medical & Dental Expenses (treatments not covered by insurance); Other expenses. Each loan is processed on a case-by-case basis.