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Synthesis of findings from three surveys about individual literary, performing, and visual artists; arts and cultural organizations; and cultural audiences.
This body of research guided discussions related to developing NE Ohio's first strategic arts and culture plan. 1999.
Artists, Organizations & Audience Survey Results

Arts Cleveland (formerly Community Partnership for Arts and Culture) was responsible for developing Northeast Ohio’s first strategic arts and cultural plan. To guide policy decisions related to this plan, Arts Cleveland launched a series of research initiatives between March 1998 and March 1999. In addition to providing valuable information about Northeast Ohio’s collective arts and cultural resources, this body of research gives individual organizations an opportunity to learn more about their programs, services, and audiences. This report presents findings from three surveys. The Individual Artist Survey examines the needs of the region’s diverse community of literary, performing, and visual artists. The Organizational Survey explores the scope of education, outreach, and tourism programs as well as collaborations and partnerships. The Audience Survey reveals a wealth of information on arts and cultural consumers, such as perception of event quality and value, purchasing habits, and other events and services enjoyed along with arts and cultural experiences.

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