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The economy benefits from a strong arts and culture sector as it spurs job growth, generates tax revenue and invites tourism. Moreover, as our region competes for the best and the brightest in the knowledge economy, our arts and culture assets provide a critical edge.  Entrepreneurs, their companies and their staff want to live in places with diverse populations and creative thinkers.  Review updated data and learn how arts and culture is an economic engine for greater Cleveland.

Data Brief: Dance in Cleveland

Economic activity, trends and impacts of dance in Cuyahoga County. 2019

Cleveland's dance industry, including both creative and non-creative jobs increased to 302 jobs in 2015. The industry analysis is made up of dance companies and promoters as well as fine arts schools. 

Inside the Margins

"Inside the Margins" takes an in-depth look at the role greater Cleveland's literature industries play in the regional economy. 2018.

Inside the Margins: A Cleveland Literature Industry Study was commissioned by Arts Cleveland—formerly the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture—and is the result of research conducted and analyzed by the Center for Economic Development at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University (CSU). The report on the Cleveland Literature Sector is the fourth in a series of studies that explores the various artistic disciplines in Cuyahoga County.

For the study, the CSU research team acquired the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data for Cuyahoga County from 2005 to 2015, and used the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Standard Occupation Classification definitions. The team also gathered quantitative and qualitative data by conducting an online Survey of Literary Artists, one-on-one interviews and a focus group. The purpose of the data and their analysis is to provide a sense of the local sector’s advantages, challenges and economic impact.

Download summary report below. View electronic flipbook. Access the full report by CSU on their website. Or view press release to share some facts from the study.

Staging Cleveland

Staging Cleveland takes an in-depth look at the role greater Cleveland's theater industries play in the regional economy. 2017.

The concentration of high-quality theaters and playwrights in the Cleveland region helps to make it a mid-sized city that has a disproportionally high level of national recognition. This is just one of the competitive advantages of Cleveland theater found in “Staging Cleveland: A Theater Industry Study.” The study shares the economic impact and ecosystem of Cuyahoga County’s theater industry.

Forming Cleveland

Forming Cleveland takes an in-depth look at the role greater Cleveland's visual arts, craft and design industry plays in the regional economy. 2014.

Visual arts, craft and design are a large part of our daily lives, which are inundated with images not only through museums or private collections, but also through product consumption. Art penetrates our environments and can inspire collective action. The creative process inspires us to think about new concepts, applications, and markets for stimulating innovation. In order to position greater Cleveland’s visual arts, craft and design sector for continued growth, the community needs to understand the strengths and challenges facing the sector. Forming Cleveland provides a foundation of research to achieve this aim as well as spur discussions about how to strengthen the sector in its role as an innovator for our region. Arts Cleveland and Cleveland State University partnered to explore the visual arts, craft and design industry in this study. It includes eight case studies on how the visual arts, craft and design industry is impacting our city’s landscape and vision for our future. 

Forming Cleveland: At A Glance

Remix Cleveland

Executive summary and full report of Cleveland's music industry analysis. 2011.

Cleveland’s music scene is rooted in a music legacy of groundbreaking performances, local talent, and music innovation. Arts Cleveland (formerly Community Partnership for Arts and Culture) and Cleveland State University partnered to explore the music industry in this study. This report’s objective was to understand the Cleveland Music Sector today and assess the economic impact of music events and venues in Cuyahoga County. The report outlines how the Cleveland Music Sector can be engaged as a partner for shaping the city’s future.  It includes six case studies on how the music industry is intersecting with some of Cleveland’s strongest sectors like manufacturing and medicine.

Advocates Hail Fed’s Report On Art’s Economic Punch, Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 6:01 PM (Featuring Arts Cleveland's Director of Research and Advancement, Kristin Puch)

Download the executive summary and full report below.

Arts & Culture Organizations

An analysis of the occupations supported by NE Ohio's arts and culture sector. 2004.

This study analyzes the occupations supported by Northeast Ohio’s arts and culture organizations. It specifically focuses on those that are not typically associated with the arts and culture sector, such as trade, clerical, transportation, and maintenance workers. The report examines the cross-over of arts and culture occupations with other industries.

Economic Impact of Non-Local Arts & Culture Consumers

An economic impact report on 9 Cuyahoga County-based arts and culture organizations. 2004.

This study examines the economic impact of 9 Cuyahoga County-based arts and culture organizations with different budget sizes and disciplines. The report is intended to improve regional understanding of the economic impact of arts and culture visitors to Cuyahoga County.

Arts and Cultural Industry Workforce Barometer

Report detailing the results of Arts Cleveland's (formerly Community Partnership for Arts and Culture) second survey of job loss and growth in the arts and culture sector. 2004.

This report summarizes Arts Cleveland’s second survey of job loss and growth in the arts and cultural sector. The survey’s goal was to understand the health of Northeast Ohio’s nonprofit arts and cultural assets. This survey was expanded to include Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage and Summit Counties. 

Cultural Budget and Economic Activity Analyses for Northeast Ohio

A study focusing on the finances of Cuyahoga County's nonprofit cultural sector and the surrounding region. 1999.

This report summarizes research on the finances of Cuyahoga County’s nonprofit cultural sector and its surrounding region. It includes an analysis of the combined economic activity of the sector, as well as an economic profile of the organizations in it.