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Health and Safety

Cleveland is known for its strong health and human services sector. In addition, Cleveland has a very dynamic arts and culture scene. In a number of ways, the arts and health sectors are working together and improving our personal, and broader community’s, health and well-being. From expressive arts therapies and healthcare facility design to community public health engagement and arts-infused medical education, the arts and health sectors are coming together to benefit us in a number of ways at this Cleveland creative intersection.

Creative Minds in Medicine

White paper and case studies illustrating arts and health intersections in Cleveland. 2014

Cleveland is fortunate to be home to world-class healthcare and arts and culture assets. Increasingly, these sectors are developing creative intersections and partnerships which are impacting individual and community health and well-being. From expressive arts therapies and the design of healthcare environments to addressing public health issues and enriching medical education through the arts, Creative Minds in Medicine explores a broad range of Cleveland’s arts and health intersections and poses recommendations for strengthening them in the future. Learn more about this innovative work through six case studies, which demonstrate how Cleveland’s arts and health practitioners are creating positive outcomes for individuals while also leading our city to a healthier future. 

At Its Very Best

At Its Very Best is a commissioned short documentary by local artist, Donald Black Jr. Interviews begin to illustrate the impact of violence and what the arts can do in the lives of those affected by trauma. In partnership with Arts Cleveland, he interviews youth, educators, healthcare providers and public safety experts.

Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) Cleveland/Akron

Guidelines and best practices for live music venues in Cleveland/Akron as part of the national Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) campaign.

With COVID-19 came the shutdown of many businesses. While most places reopened late spring/early summer, live music venues remained closed. In the midst of COVID-19, live music venues have often been called the first to close and the last to open due to the many concerns around the safety of live music. To work towards reopening local live music venues safely, in May, Cleveland/Akron got involved in the Reopen Every Every Venue Safely (REVS) initiative launched by Music Cities Together. This initiative is focused on helping venues open as safely and as soon as possible by providing best practices and guidelines. The best practices and guidelines you will read below were built from meetings and discussions between Arts Cleveland and local music venue owners and directors, musicians, and public health professionals.